How to use bb cream correctly?

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The bb cream is no stranger to many people in, because bb cream has both skin care benefits and hold makeup effect by many girls sought after, many girls can not resist the temptation to take home. Some people say bb cream is the best choice for “lazy women”, which actually shows how convenient and fast bb cream is. The actual bb cream is a great way to get the most out of the bb cream.


The first thing you need to do is to take care of your skin before using the bb cream.


The bb cream has some skin care effects, but it cannot completely replace the basic skin care products, otherwise it will make the skin dry.


bb cream usage 2. bb cream should not be mixed with foundation


If you mix bb cream and foundation together and apply it on your face, it will affect the makeup effect and thus reduce its effect on skin care. If you want an eye-catching base makeup, you can choose a powder. It is recommended to use powder after each application of bb cream to set the makeup, the effect will be more lasting.


bb cream


bb cream use method 3. with sunscreen more effective


The effect of bb cream is very short because it uses natural ingredients to block UV rays, so you can’t use bb cream with low sun protection index as sunscreen. If you need to stay outdoors for a long time, it is better to use sunscreen before using bb cream, so that you can effectively resist UV rays.


How to use bb cream 4. need to remove makeup after using bb cream


The bb cream belongs to a kind of foundation, if the makeup removal is not timely, it will also lead to pore blockage. To remove makeup available luxury pulse makeup remover, after washing your face with cleanser, pour the makeup remover on a cotton pad and wipe your face clean. Use a clean wet tissue to wipe the skin in the opposite direction, if the tissue is clean, it means that the makeup removal has been completed.


A recommended bb cream for everyone, Luxury Vein Light Moisture Perfect Face bb cream


This bb cream is a bb cream that combines skin nourishing effects, and now there are many products in makeup that add skin nourishing ingredients. The bb cream contains the star ingredients niacinamide, squalane, witch hazel, red myrrh alcohol and other skin nourishing essence ingredients. The bb cream is not like the usual bb cream that gives us the feeling of easy dryness, this bb cream will not be at all, because some skin nourishing agents are added, it will be very moist, after using, the whole face will show a natural translucent nude makeup feeling. It is not fake white, and the skin is still very hydrated after 8 hours, which can also help us get rid of the embarrassment of floating powder.


How to use bb cream correctly? bb cream use FAQ


Q1: Can bb cream conceal blemishes?


Although bb cream has a concealing effect, unlike normal concealer, it cannot cover the face completely. To get better coverage with bb cream, you can increase the amount of bb cream on specific parts of your face that you want to conceal extra, taking care to pat it lightly.


Q2: Can I use it for oily skin, acne, and sensitive skin?


For oily skin, you can choose a light moisturizing bb cream with oil control effect. For sensitive skin, you can choose bb cream with ingredients such as aloe vera, green tea, ginkgo, etc. Do not choose the kind with shine. Oily skin is not recommended for daily use, which can easily accelerate the growth of acne.


Q3: Do I still need makeup after using bb cream?


It depends on the state of your skin. If you have bad skin yourself, you need to use other cosmetics for further touch-ups! If you only want to use light makeup and your skin condition is still okay, then it is OK to wipe bb cream, then wipe blush in moderation, curl up your eyelashes and apply mascara and eye shadow.


After reading the above correct use of bb cream, I believe you have a certain understanding of how to use bb cream correctly.

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