Is Dior’s air cushion foundation good? Dior air cushion foundation review recommendation

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Is the Dior cushion foundation good to use? The Dior brand of cosmetics has always been loved by consumers, especially his lipstick, some of the net red number in the major counters are in a state of long-term out of stock. The company’s air cushion foundation and how does it perform? Today Nikisho will introduce you to three of Dior’s popular air cushions.


 Dior air cushion foundation review recommendation:




1,Dior Nectar Rose Air Cushion Foundation


This foundation comes from Dior’s high-end line – Nectar line, adding rose brightening factor to create a pink and soft rose skin. Not only that, but this air cushion also has an essential oil complex, so it moisturizes the skin and locks in water for a long time. Even if the makeup stays on all day, it does not appear to float, it is very flattering to the skin, and it is light and delicate. The coverage is also very good, general acne, acne marks, dark circles can be covered and modified. The packaging of this air cushion is gold in color and shiny. The puff is a custom-made puff for this air cushion, which can be used together with the air cushion to have a one plus one effect.


2,Dior Fantasy Beauty soft moisturizing repair air cushion cream


The company has also added a bionic mica and a soft focus powder factor to create a soft focus effect and create a vegan matte skin. Dior also created the first 000 shade in this air cushion, which is said to be the first “non-colored” skin care air cushion to match the user’s own skin tone and create a vegan effect. It is very good in terms of moisturization, longevity and concealment, and the compact case is very convenient to carry around for make-up.


3,Dior Gel Long Lasting Air Cushion Foundation


The Dior family’s unique “color lock” technology, even if the makeup effect is very long, but also does not take off, not change color, can be used in daily use to avoid the embarrassing situation of taking off makeup, reduce the number of make-up, easy to deal with a variety of unexpected events, a variety of occasions. It also has added skin care essence that helps to invisible pores and has good concealing ability to fix various imperfections on the skin. The outer packaging is pure black packaging, low-key but luxurious and classy.


Is Dior’s air cushion foundation good? The above are three of Dior’s leading air cushions. The Dior family products are considered high-end online products, the price is not cheap, the fairies can go to the offline counter first to try, and then decide whether to buy Oh!

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