Lipstick should be selected according to these three points. It is important to know what color suits you

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Lipstick, a woman’s weapon. Lipstick has different styles and colors, in different seasons, the choice of appropriate lipstick is also a knowledge, I do not know the friends of the master of this knowledge.


Autumn winter comes, the characteristic of this season is more serious, cold and quiet, what lipstick does that choose at this time? As long as you read this article, you will know that you can get through this season with these four lipsticks. What are these four lipsticks? Can you wait for it


Sunniesface lipstick


This lipstick belongs to a minority brand in the Philippines. Some friends want to buy overseas products, but they think that the overseas big brand is too expensive, so they can choose this one.


The appearance of the lipstick inside is just like its outer packaging, and the solid color is very clean. On the whole, it is a product of a minority brand. If not advertised and promoted, it may be forgotten.


Lipstick is matte light series, normally, autumn winter can choose this series, accord with the characteristic of this season, also have own aesthetic feeling very much.


Some people think that matte lipsticks are dry, but this lipstick does not have this common problem. It feels smooth when applied to the mouth and then purses the mouth. If you have a dark lip line, you need to cover it with lipstick before touching it, otherwise it will not show the color of the lipstick




TF lipstick


TF lipstick is Tom Ford lipstick, which is a big brand overseas. If you are rich and like overseas lipsticks, you might as well consider this one, which is suitable for autumn and winter.


The appearance is black, very atmospheric; Although it is monotonous black, but feel very texture. When you open the lipstick, you will see their unique logo on the lipstick. Generally, only the big brands of lipstick will have their own logo engraved on the paste.


The characteristic of black lipstick is that although it is matte, it is very moist and colorful when it is applied to the mouth. The color is full and pure. As long as it is gently applied, the color will be obvious.


3CE tube lipstick


3CE lipstick, very popular among students. Xiaobian went to school, dormitory roommates have one, every day in use. Especially now that it’s out with this cigarette tube lipstick, I can’t help but chop off my hands.


Pipe lipstick, as the name suggests, is slender as a pipe. There are small and slender friends can be bold to start, xiaobian is such, early to buy it in the shopping cart, such as double eleven? Who are the same as small friends.


The texture of 3CE lipstick is soft and soft, and the color is quickly displayed on the upper mouth. It is a kind of matte velvet mist, which will not be pulled out, but makes the lips plump and attractive. As for the choice of color, friends can refer to a variety of girl groups, this time will feel that Korean makeup is really suitable for a variety of colors. All in all, beauty and whiteness are the biggest characteristics of this lipstick.


Estee Lauder lipstick


This brand, friends have been familiar with it. Its lipstick is also suitable for autumn and winter. If you want to buy it, don’t miss the Singles’ Day activity season.


Whole of color of appearance of lipstick of estee Lauder is blue, have verve very much, let a person see move not to open an eye. Blue is a kind of magical color, very mysterious, want important person to explore to it after all, presumably the designer is to seize its this kind of characteristic, give priority to with blue.


Its lipstick belongs to the velvet matte light, touch the mouth smooth and not dry, perfect lipstick color, modify the beautiful lip shape, and then let the whole person temperament. Manifesting white is the effect that every little friend wants, its characteristic is advanced and manifesting white, you say whether to buy it


Choose lipstick for some beginners may be a little difficult, because they have not been too much understanding, will be in need of a mess, unable to follow, such a small partner how to do, xiaobian to teach tips.


One will choose according to seasonal characteristic, general spring and summer chooses moist model, autumn and winter chooses dumb light series. Second, according to the skin tone to choose, white skin suitable for any color, yellow skin black skin to choose white, such as rotten tomato color. Three according to the brand to choose, at the beginning is not very good, choose some brands of lipstick, the color is authentic, so that you can know what color is suitable for yourself.

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