MAC’s 5 lipsticks are worth getting! The “popular” king, no more than it fire

nikisho Date:2021-08-18 17:13:12
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The most popular MAC lipsticks are the ones that are worth getting, and today we’re going to share the MAC lipsticks that are worth getting. The 5 lipstick inventory! The “popularity” of the branch is the king, there is no fire than it.


MAC #316 hyunya color




This is a thousand people a thousand colors of apple red, mac this series are light matte texture than matte smooth, but coverage is not strong, it is easy to appear a thousand people a thousand colors. This 316 is a very lively apple red, not bluish color on the hand is not very special, not a sexy feeling, but a small lively red. The top of the mouth is quite good-looking, and very boost the color. Now it’s MAC’s hottest color.


MAC 646


This is a chocolate red brown, a brown tone is very strong color. The Matte series is matte matte. The effect texture is slightly dry, but not pluck dry. This one is the popular king oh. It is really too difficult to buy.




Lipstick world of the net red rust red, a lipstick of the dirty orange color. Lipstick is matte texture slightly dry, but can be accepted to apply a more silky smooth. This is the MAC family’s old net red, or better to buy, the color is very white, by the fairies unanimously loved.




A person must have a lipstick, slightly on the rose pink bluish red, texture completely matte, coated out super beautiful white to not, teeth are followed by a few degrees of white, color rendering is very high. If you don’t have it, go buy it. This color is also the YSLL small gold bar instead of color, is not another big money savings.




fire a mess of bovine liver red, with a very smooth and good coating, the mouth is very moist, with a purple tone of the oxblood red, thick coating is very temperamental, thin coating is also very temperament. In short, super good-looking buy on the right. This is the hottest lipstick of MAC family, how many do you have? Do you think it works well? Welcome to share your opinion in the comments.

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