Note that the precise selection of the right eyebrow pencil for you, the newbie eyebrow pencil color guide quickly collected

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A newbie can’t buy an eyebrow pencil, many times the eyebrows are not drawn well, not only with the type of eyebrows, drawing method has a relationship, and  we choose the eyebrow pencil color and pencil style will also have a great relationship!


The purpose of choosing a color pencil is to choose a pencil that is the same color as our hair and avoid using a pencil that is darker than the color of our hair.


1,black hair:can choose black, gray, gray-brown, gray-brown, tea-black, dark brown eyebrow pencil; my own words with gray-brown will be more, because this color is relatively hair color and skin tone tolerance is high, very versatile, will not appear abrupt feeling. The more versatile color is black or brown tone can be.


2,warm hair coloring:gray-brown, chestnut brown, light khaki, flaxen, light gray and other cool-toned eyebrow color.


Black eyebrow pencil is suitable for black hair, you can draw classical Dai eyebrows. Gray is suitable for black, natural, and gray tones. Dark brown and dark curry are suitable for brown-toned hair color, natural hair color can also be. Light curry, suitable for partial brown, warm tone light hair color, chestnut brown if suitable for flaxen, light blonde and other light hair color.


If your hair color is light, but your own eyebrow color is very dark, then in addition to the eyebrow pencil, you need to prepare an eyebrow dye, the color of the eyebrow dye with the eyebrow pencil can be the same.


eyebrow pencil


The following types and styles of eyebrow pencils are common.


1,Machete eyebrow pencil: wooden hard core color is natural and not easy to make mistakes, you can draw a soft mist sense of eyebrows can also draw the root of the eyebrow shape, very durable, one can be used for a long time. But this kind of eyebrow pencil should be sharpened into a thin machete shape.


2,rotating triangle eyebrow pencil:rotating tip, can save the trouble of sharpening, and also comes with a spiral brush, the use of simple and fast, the pointed side for outlining the shape of the eyebrows, the wide side to fill the gap; very suitable for daily commuting, do not like to sharpen the girls can choose.


3,rotating very fine eyebrow pencil: the pencil is very fine, can be used to draw root-shaped eyebrows, each time in the use of do not turn out too much to avoid breaking.


4,liquid eyebrow pencil:the color is much lighter than the eyeliner pen, the tip is fine, you can draw wild eyebrows.


5,eyebrow powder:eyebrow powder to draw out the eyebrows very natural, for newcomers to operate, a plate of multi-use, both as a powder to draw eyebrows, but also as a nose side shadow and so on.


About the eyebrow painting, different face shape eyebrow painting method is also different. First of all, we need to trim the excess eyebrow hair outside the shape of the eyebrow, and then use the three-point positioning method to draw the eyebrow, the position of the head of the eyebrow is at the 1/2 vertical upward of the nose, the position of the link between the nose and the middle of the pupil is the peak of the eyebrow; the connection line from the nose to the end of the eye is the position of the tail of the eyebrow. From these three points to find the position of the head and the peak, we can draw out the basic eyebrow shape, and finally it is easy to fill in the color.


The eyebrow shape needs to be chosen according to our own face shape and style, and the best one is the one that fits.


Six types of eyebrow shape suitable for the face shape.


Goose egg face: standard eyebrows; standard eyebrows this eyebrow shape is very natural and generous, and very versatile, suitable for most face shapes, especially the goose egg face.


Long face: thick flat eyebrows; can visually shorten the face shape, suitable for daily makeup, will look gentle and lovely Oh ~.


Round face: European style eyebrows; eyebrow shape upward, high peak, eyebrow tail fall obvious, can modify the round face flat feeling, increase the five features three-dimensional sense.


Diamond-shaped face: small raised eyebrows; the overall upward eyebrow shape modifies the angular face shape with prominent cheekbones, which will look more advanced.


Square face: curved moon eyebrows; square face is too hard, curved moon eyebrows can soften the lines of the face and look more rounded and age-defying.


Heart-shaped face: willow eyebrows; thin and long eyebrows can visually modify the wide forehead and prominent cheekbones, showing a smaller face.


Learn to choose the right shade of eyebrow pencil and eyebrow shape, easy to draw eyebrows and look good.

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