Popular foundation “pros and cons”: Armani oxidation fast, Futurist concealing general, DW most durable

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Not only do girls wear makeup, but boys are now inseparable from cosmetics. They want to make themselves look better, and the wide variety of categories of makeup also proves that the demand is now large. Makeup has become a skill in the daily life of girls, whether it is to go out to do business, or go out to play, want to leave the best impression on others.


But not painted makeup will look good, in addition to makeup technology, the choice of makeup is also very important, different textures and different makeup to create the effect is not the same, each person’s preferences and preferences are different choice will not do uniform.


But for the popular and respected series of products, will always be our first choice. There is no one perfect foundation product, in the popular foundation also has advantages and disadvantages, today we will take a look at some of the most sought-after foundation on the market, their advantages and disadvantages of the evaluation.




Armani is a well-known Italian luxury goods, makeup is only a part of him is not the most famous. But with the support of the world’s cultural heritage, their primer is more in pursuit of a natural and delicate texture. So the skin feel on the face of the primer series is also liked by many people, he is closer to the natural state of the skin itself.


Red label and blue label have always been very popular, but compared to the blue label to be more popular, because he is more moisturizing. The Armani DESIGNER LIFT FOUNDATION liquid contains certain skin nourishing ingredients, which are clearer on the face and have a certain effect of pore refinement. The entire makeup looks more natural and is not dry.


The biggest drawback is that it oxidizes faster, DESIGNER LIFT FOUNDATION Liquid, and oxidizes faster than power foundations. And its coverage is medium, if it is a tiny blemish on the face, pores and blackheads he can modify to, but if it is a deeper dark circles, it is not able to cover. So in the choice of color number to slightly more white, or oxidation after the makeup will be dull, or use with whitening effect of the fixing products can also make up for this shortcoming.


Estee Lauder Futurist Foundation


Compared to Armani, Estee Lauder is specialized in skin care and makeup products that are used on the face. And his aim is to make every woman beautiful, so the care taken in the foundation is not just to hide the flaws, but to amplify the advantages of our skin.


The representative product is Futurist Foundation, which is always in the top three in terms of popularity and sales. Its foundation contains 83% of essence, so it goes on your face with a brighter and more lasting moisturization.




It is also a great way to make sure that you have a good look. It is a good foundation for dry skin combination skin and even oily skin in the dry winter season.


Of course, this foundation also has certain disadvantages, that is, its concealer strength is not very good. If you want to be light and moist coverage must not be too high, otherwise the coverage strength makeup will be very heavy, in DW foundation body can be seen.


Estee Lauder DW foundation


The DW foundation claims to be a twenty-four hour stay without taking off the makeup, and indeed its stay is very long. It is also very good oil control ability, known as the mother of oil skin, oil skin sisters in the summer with his words is no burden.


It is a good idea to use it for the first time. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to get a little bit of a clearer look. It’s also a little better than Futurist in terms of coverage.


The actual fact is that it’s not a good idea to use it as a substitute of a good idea. Dry skin or dry skin type sisters basically start to dry out before they can push it on their face.


The actual Lancome Tulle Foundation


It has always been used to compare Lancome with Estee Lauder, whether in terms of skin care, or primer have extremely similar benchmark products. This muslin and Estee Lauder Futurist are somewhat similar, are suitable for dry skin main moist and light base makeup.


But unlike Futurist, Lancome’s makeup is a little heavier and can be felt after the face is on the natural side of the skin tone. The more the skin is clear, the better the coverage will be.


The most important thing is that all of the colors are yellowish, even the whitest ones are yellowish for cool skin or warm skin, so they are not very suitable for Asian white skin girls. If you are a yellow skinned girl, you can still pick the right shade for you, white skin try not to go for it.


Every foundation we use is not a panacea, it has its good points, and naturally, there are also places that make people spit. Each person’s skin type is different and has different advantages on the face. There is no one-size-fits-all or all-purpose foundation, only the one that suits you better.

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