Popular makeup in autumn and winter is so beautiful

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Daily and miscellaneous autumn makeup is used to describe them – light, but this year’s daily and miscellaneous makeup has added a lot of tricks and colors on the basis of the previous simplicity, which makes people bright.


This year’s fashionable makeup make a fuss on eyes, blush and mouth. Eye makeup and lipstick will be more colorful than before. I feel this autumn is no longer lifeless and more dynamic.




In winter, we tend to have matte texture on the fog surface, which is not only advanced, but also warmer.




Make-up tips: Concealer


For the makeup, I want to talk about the concealer in detail, because this makeup has a relatively high demand for the entire makeup face, and the defect Concealer needs to be more detailed.


I divide the concealer into a wide range of concealer and punctuate concealer. A large Concealer is like a black eye that needs to be used before the foundation solution. The spots of acne and smallpox print can be covered behind the liquid foundation and will not damage the entire makeup face.


Dark circles need to be covered with orange blemish, and under the position of the sleeping silkworm, rather than covering the whole eye. If you don’t have orange blemish on hand, you can use orange lipstick and ordinary concealer to mix orange blemish.


Blemish pox and pox print choose their skin color Concealer similar to their own foundation. Pox and India are usually very well covered. Red and swollen acne will be more difficult to solve. When covering acne, we should pay attention to the edge of acne rather than the center of acne. We should blur the edge of acne and make it integrate better with the skin.


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