Recommend a few affordable and useful skin care makeup products

wu meijie Date:2021-09-24 17:01:52
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1, Chamomile lipstick


Since I entered it, I basically every time I go out with it in my bag, every time I use it, I feel like my mouth is soaking in the essence, lip lines are invisible, in my mouth is a clear peach pink, a little chopping color feeling, unlike other color changing lipstick so dead, very natural, healthy and good color kind, single coating or lipstick primer, mouth can be a day tender without skin not card lines, night thick compress to sleep, lips up in the morning soft to not!


2, FBP Water Milk


I would like to call it oily acne skin pro-mother! Just the right amount of hydration + repair. The skin is very good at acne skin face, water and milk on the face skin quickly drink full of water, after absorption of the skin is moist but not oily “satiety”, the skin feels comfortable fat no sense of burden, with a gentle and soft but with a period of time you can feel its true fragrance, the skin becomes stable, and rarely acne, the rate of oil will also have a significant reduction, the change of season I think it’s very good to be able to do this as a set of inexpensive water and milk, cost-effective and good.


3, Jade and face eye mask


This eye mask instantly reduce swelling and smooth dry lines do a great job, my own tear trough is quite deep, plus often stay up late, the whole eye area is swollen in the morning seems deeper tear trough, after dressing at least my visual eye area is smooth, not like dressing before a very obvious circle of dents, each time you will see the gel film is completely absorbed and then thinning, the whole eye area is from the original very tight state becomes elastic stretch, makeup will not be stuck dry lines.




4, Hodo rhyme face wash


The 20 or so dollars of this face wash a word: excellent! The cleansing strength is just right, the face clean at the same time will not have the feeling of over-cleaning, on the face gentle and non-irritating, after washing the face for up to half an hour, a drop of dryness is not! And very tender (not fake smooth), really like a very thin layer of breathable hyaluronic acid, the sense of use absolutely sub cheap bowl ~


5, Phytomuscular horse fan pure lotion


As a crazy fan of skin care, the pore problem is my biggest pain, with nearly a month of horse fan pure dew, wet compress every night for 15 minutes, now two annoying pores not to say completely no, but is already a very fine state, the face front are not too see the pores, chin particles sense can not feel, with down this really can always be prepared to regulate the skin oil meticulous pores, against acne closed mouth are very powerful!


6, Jane pole makeup remover lotion


My favorite point is that it emulsifies in seconds, and wet and dry hands are available, very suitable for lazy people, impatient emulsification of the crowd! It feels as light as makeup remover, and unloads quickly and cleanly! Even waterproof mascara can be easily removed, and not paste eyes, after unloading is very refreshing completely no heavy greasy oil film feeling! Don’t worry about smothering acne smothering closed mouth what occasionally eat late at night back home it three or two unload it can go to sleep, even the second cleansing are saved ~


7, Makyeon cleansing mask


I encountered few enough cleaning power but mild enough mud film! It kaolin clay + snow grass mix with, can be said to be super strong adsorption, every time after the pores become clear! It feels like the oil has been removed! The kind of small black spots on both sides of the nose can be said to be invisible to the naked eye. The blackheads on the nose have really improved a lot. And the T-zone shine has been reduced by a large margin! Feel the skin cleaned up more than a degree! Daytime makeup makeup surface have become good posture and delicate, amenable to serious blackheads, skin greasy stuffy closed mouth sisters must try!


8, Tangerine Duo Chitty Titty milk tea tray


I really love this Tangerine Disney plate! The color scheme is like white peach oolong, from the repair to highlight to blush eyeshadow all have, the powder quality is very silky makeup feeling on the gentle side, a plate can say nothing waste color. And it has a bubble mart, the same perfect disk, in my opinion very good! Sisters buy it!

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