Red mouth red list: TF quality control, Dior ranked second, Lancome amazed me

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As the saying goes: Lipstick is not life, true not line, no lipstick often lipstick is the nods eyeball pen of the whole makeup look, and take a makeup without makeup can paint, coating, anytime and anywhere and lipstick is a kind of light is a luxury, think about all feel happy, received a lot of girls in the lipstick that moment they are feeling happy dead, if meet with no lipstick will death star man, so was hoarding a lipstick warehouse, All kinds of lipsticks are in full view.


Lipstick also has a wide selection of colors


Orange, red, brick red, brown, purple, all sorts of color has a different feeling, red, give a person a kind of powerful aura, my aunt is red it is white and the atmosphere, slant orange is more suitable for dynamic, brick HongQiuDong is necessary number of color, including red tone is absolutely necessary, and of course in addition to some fold painting, today, a small cut, red lipstick list, Maybe your favorite one is on the list!




Tom Ford


Tom Ford can be said to be a super line of lipstick, ranking higher than Armani, Dior and Givenchy in the world of lipstick, while TF16 is a classic color in the classic, classic tomato red, and TF lipstick quality control is super good, also deserves to be a super line of cosmetics brand. It is suitable for all skin types.


The thin coating is fresh and pleasant, while the thick coating is fully open, and it is also very atmospheric and not too red, which can be used in all seasons. Meanwhile, the TF clarice series is basically not dry or fake smooth. The texture between matte and moist is very comfortable for the upper lip.


Moisture, persistence, color, all good, believe me, the top 10 must have it in the red, along with Armani 405, Dior999 lipstick three must enter the color.


Dior 740


Now we all think that Dior 999 is a bad color. Although it is a classic color, it is not so amazing with more people painting it, and the most popular color of Dior black tube series is 740. The tangerine brown tone is particularly white. Moist degree and durable degree also did not have to say, the old saying says: lipstick still must be Dior, 740 color number blind into will not step on thunder, suitable for all skin color, showing white at the same time very tooth white, 999 for the word is not suitable for all ages, and this color number is all ages OK, to Dior row in the second not to lose, but also super plant grass.


MAC ruby woo


MAC, after all, is a professional to do colour makeup, just a lipstick there are 7 species, is god, and the MAC is famous in addition to the red Chili and like Rubywoo net, the mouth is also immortal lubricious date, how don’t pick the lip color and for sister have lip lines don’t show, but the quality of a material, the choice is that.


Matte is not easy to take off we should know, so this is the disadvantages and advantages, a thin layer of the tu yi is actually look good, slant blues red series, don’t think mei color lipstick is faces the entire black, instead of the church and our yellowish skin to make skin become slant cold is more significant white, so called “fairy lubricious date” really too.


Lancome Gems 02


Lipstick with the Lancome home fire: 196, belongs to “twins”. Lancome official also said that a 196 version of moist, small cut is measured once, really little difference color, gem 02 more senior, from the shell pattern matching with gem cutting surface strengthen the deficiency of the 196, and the quality of a material is better, moist not dry, too good for that kind of pure matte than in 196, the lancome is quite amazing to me.


Gem 02 is a little bit more subtle. Also is carrot color number, all-match classic, flavor also OK, very advanced, the color may be slightly more than 196 slant brown tone so a drop, but do not see really, but can say and 196 difference is not big, all are closed the kind of, full skin color is OK, too amazing to me.


This list of a few colors, have your heart moving color ah? What other colors do you have that look great in red lipstick? Share them in the comments section.

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