Shimmer in silver makeup – but keep it modern

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With glowy and glossy skin to match, silver eyeshadow works well. Plus, a super relaxing Roman bath


Normally I am not a fan of silver makeup. I find it either too ashy and unflattering (too cool), or you look as if you’re heading to a space-themed fancy dress party (too tacky). There is, however, a way to wear it well. Steer clear of matte skin and lips and go glowy and glossy instead – it adds warmth. Then apply an imaginative eye: a smattering of the shimmery stuff with lashings of mascara and liner is more wearable than a solid block of silver on the lid. Keeping it modern is the key.




I can’t do without… a super-relaxing Roman bath in central London


There is no denying that the world has had a rough ride of things of late. Physically, mentally, emotionally… It was with that in mind that I visited Aire, off The Strand in London’s West End. Situated in an 18th-century townhouse that was once the home of JM Barrie, it is now an underground, wholly candlelit cavern, with various thermal baths inspired by the bathing traditions of the Greek, Roman and Ottoman empires. When you arrive you are led down to the changing area where you take your first of many showers and change into a swimming costume. (You can bring your own, but I rather like the super chic, flattering black ones they provide.)


Then you are taken upstairs to tour the baths, in hushed tones to enhance the relaxing experience. The baths are all at different temperatures: hot, warm, cold and, if you can bear it, ice. There are aromatherapy-infused steam rooms – use a hair mask beforehand; the steam will intensify its efficacy and you can wash it out in the shower. I also recommend the bath with a thousand jets – it’s like an effortless workout. The Floatarium is worth a special mention – it has the same density of salt as the Dead Sea, so you float effortlessly. Add to that the various massage treatments on offer… What an experience it is. I dare anyone to visit and not step out newly revitalised. Aire Ancient Baths, from £90.

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