Simple and practical makeup tips, hurry up and get!

wu meijie Date:2021-09-22 15:06:30
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Makeup is a compulsory course for every woman, not to mention what natural beauty, vegetarian beauty, that is a lie, you see, everyone pursues the nude makeup is not a pseudo-vegetarian state?


It is a woman’s nature to love beauty, makeup is a tool to become beautiful, but if you do not master the right makeup techniques, but will make your face greatly reduced, the following makeup techniques taught to you, simple but very practical!


CMB Makeup Prep


The first thing you need to do before foundation is to put on makeup prep milk, and this is not much to say. But a lot of fairies in the foundation, will find the neck and face two colors, which is very embarrassing, can only choose to put the neck also on the foundation, trouble and waste. In fact, as long as the warm and cold tones according to the skin tone to choose the closest color number with the skin tone is good, do not use their own unsuitable color number in order to show white, the whole face will look very fake.


Special attention should be paid to not applying the foundation directly to the face, as many foundations will oxidize and yellow before they start to be applied evenly, causing uneven application of powder.




CMB Eye and Lip Cream


Eye skin is very fragile and most prone to aging, so use a professional eye powder cream to take care of it. A heavy concealer is not recommended, unless your dark circles are particularly serious.


CMB Eyeshadow


Earth color eyeshadow is commonly used by us, but many people are actually not suitable, the choice of eyeshadow should match the color of the clothes to look good, with the wrong color will make your makeup look dirty, the tone will also be much worse.


CMB eyebrow pencil


Is the popular unibrow really right for you? I don’t think so. The eyebrows should be drawn according to the style, the curve type people’s eyebrow shape should be rounded, not too straight, straight type people’s eyebrow shape highlight the sense of line will look better.


CMB lipstick


Lipstick number must be selected according to their own color type, which we will not say.


Many people will encounter the problem of lipstick off color, I would like to ask, you are not the first to apply lipstick, and then apply lipstick? It is strange that this does not fall off, directly coated lipstick to ensure its color and durability, if the lips are dry, you can apply a thick layer of lipstick at night, the next day to apply lipstick will not be dry.


CMB Makeup Brush


Makeup brush is our good helper, for different parts of the eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, eye liner brush, blush brush, powder brush, cosmetic brush, etc., but when using these tools to dip cosmetics, do not brush directly on the face, which will cause a part of the makeup is particularly heavy, part of the effect is very light, first shake on a tissue, or even on the back of the hand, will make the makeup more natural.

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