Six dry skin base makeup product reviews recommended, 10,000 years of big dry skin must buy buy buy!

wu meijie Date:2021-09-15 15:05:19
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For dry skin, it is too difficult to find a favorite primer product, good coverage is easy to dry, excellent hold time is easy to dry, summer is okay, an air cushion or BB cream can spend, but in the fall and winter season, we have to put nourishment in the first place. So for those of us with concealing dry skin, it’s simply bliss to have a hydrating primer. Today here to share with you a few self-use primer products, 10,000 years big dry skin pro test, the real feeling to you.


1, YSL Age Defying Foundation


The foundation is basically no liquidity, but the malleability is very good, with the beauty egg can be well coated in the skin, to create a creamy muscle makeup, but the basic maintenance requirements of the skin is relatively high, in the winter if you can not do a good job of moisturizing, makeup will have the phenomenon of powder, concealment is medium, lasting really general, summer use, about 5 hours began to spot.




2, Lancôme Tulle Foundation


Tulle on the face delicate matte makeup, some people say absolutely dry skin pro-mother, but my face on the beginning a little dry, but the makeup is still very good, suitable for summer, 4 hours after the face oil, skin and the combination of the base makeup, then the makeup looked more water, more natural, suitable for summer use, autumn and winter season for dry skin, or a little dry.


3, Make up forever water powder cream


This one is suitable for the skin without blemishes of the girls, very water very water, the extension is very strong, on the face can be said to be almost no makeup, high degree of conformity, makeup with the hand can, beauty egg or do not use, will be absorbed, that is, simple to raise a skin tone, the effect is not as good as isolation, for the face of zero defects in the pursuit of hydrated girls can, other skin caution into.


4, Barbie Brown Foundation

The most white number on the face is still very yellow, each time before use must be shaken well, on the face a little blingbling feeling, coverage is medium, said to contain skin-care ingredients, but also feel a little dry, I will mix it with the essence of each time after the face, the makeup time of about 4 hours, the lip week on the obvious flower makeup.


5, Cpb Dramatic Foundation

I’ve been using this primer for half a year, but I’ve found that it has an oil-control effect for dry skin, and it’s not that good.


The most important thing is to make sure that you have a good understanding of the product.

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