Six dry skin base makeup products are evaluated and recommended. We must buy 10000 years of dry skin!

nikisho Date:2021-08-27 16:42:21
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For dry skin, finding a favorite makeup product is too difficult. The concealer is easy to dry. It is easy to maintain good makeup time, and it is easy to dry in summer. An air cushion or BB cream can be passed. But in autumn and winter, we have to put moisture in the first place. So for our Concealer dry skin, it is a blessing to have a moisturizing primer. Today, I’m here to share with you a few self-use bottom makeup products, which have been tested for thousands of years. I give you my true feelings.


YSL reverse age foundation solution


Liquid foundation has no fluidity, but its ductility is very good. The make-up egg can be applied to the skin very well, and it is made up of creamy muscles. But it has a higher demand for skin foundation maintenance. If you can’t do moisturizing work in winter, you will have the appearance of sticking powder on the makeup. The concealer is medium and durable. It began to mottle in about 5 hours.


Lancome gauze foundation solution


Some people say it’s definitely a dry skin mother, but I’m just a little dry after I put on my face, but the makeup effect is still very good. It’s suitable for summer. After 4 hours, the oil comes out from the back, and the skin is combined with the bottom makeup. At that time, the makeup looks more watery and natural, which is suitable for summer. In autumn and winter, it’s still a little dry for dry skin.


Make up forever gouache


This one is suitable for girls with no skin defects. It is very watery and has strong ductility. There is almost no sense of makeup on the face. It can be used by hand. If you don’t use makeup eggs, they will be absorbed. That is, simply mention the skin color, and the effect is not as good as separation. It is OK for girls with zero defects and pursuit of moisture on the face. Other skin should be cautious.


 makeup product


Luxury pulse light moisturizing and beautifying BB Cream


BB cream texture is light and thin, and it can be well painted with hands. The upper face is as moist as the essence, and the concealer is moderate. If there is a special need to cover up the face, it can be partly topical, and it will not be thick enough to spread many times. To ensure that the makeup feel at the same time, it will not be as sticky as the general foundation liquid. The whole makeup effect belongs to the pseudo pigment state. It is absolutely no problem to wear makeup for 8 hours a day after work.


Bobbi Brown foundation solution


The most white face is still very yellow. It must shake well before each use. The face is moisten with a little blingbling sensation. The concealer is medium. It is said to contain skin nourishing ingredients, but it also feels a bit dry. I will mix it with the essence every time and then put on the face again. The makeup time will be about 4 hours, and there will be obvious makeup on the lip week.


Cpb diamond Foundation


It has a strong moisturizing feeling and is easy to push away. It is moist and not greasy. I have been using this base makeup product for half a year, but after long-term use, I found that it has the effect of oil control. For dry skin, the makeup effect is not so good. It begins to appear dull in about 5 hours and is very obvious in 6 hours. It is still good for the makeup effect just put on, Contact with oil began to become mottled.


There are thousands of products in the bottom makeup, and those are the ones that I love most. I would like to sum up what I like at YSL counter age foundation. But I need collocation with his air cushion. After makeup in the morning, air cushion makeup, and if you do a good job of moisturizing, there is no problem with your face. It’s still very good. The second is the BB cream, which is a cheap BB. It is a BB with a price of only more than 100 yuan, and it can be used all year round. The girl who is looking for light makeup can try it, moisturizing degree OK, endurance OK, Concealer OK, all I want, though cheap, but the quality is not bad at all.

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