Stunning Homecoming Makeup Looks That Give Absolutely EVERYTHING

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You’ve got about two more months until the first dance of the year, which means there’s plenty of time to create, practice, and *perfect* your homecoming makeup look. Formal dances are amazing opportunities to unleash your inner beauty vlogger, so grab a brush and try the boldest 2021 makeup trends for yourself. Electric neons, shimmery metallics, and feathered brows are all going to be BIG this season, but don’t be intimidated, because there are plenty of natural looks trending too.


No matter what your aesthetic, all of these looks are guaranteed fabulous.


Lined Lips

The ’90s vibes JUMPED out. Lipliner is finally gettings its chance to shine, thanks to the revival of this throwback trend. Wear it with a neutral eye or do a full face–either works with this super versatile look.


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Highlighter hues feel much more wearable when integrated into a classic winged liner. Double up with an extra black line for added impact.


Purple Haze

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At first glance, this looks like your typical charcoal blend, but Zendaya’s actually wearing a deep plum shade that serves just as much drama. To keep the focus on her eyes, Z did a subtle lip and light brows.


Bronze Shimmer

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Instead of matching her makeup to her bright fuschia gown, Zoe Kravitz went for the unexpected, swiping on a glittering copper eye. She used a glossy lip that matched both the dress and her eyeshadow to pull it all together.


Liquid Gold

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Halsey’s 2019 Met Gala look did the absolute most, but she kept her makeup elegant and glamorous. She did a classic wing, then added a dusting of metallic gold shimmer to her inner corners and lid. It’s not too much, just enough.


Smokey Neon

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Smokey eyes aren’t exclusive to darker tones, you can get the same sultry look with a bright neon shadow. Pile the pigment onto your lids, then blend it out to get the same effect. Coat your lips in a matching gloss to really play into the colorstory.

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