Suitable for autumn makeup share, to create a cool beauty temperament makeup, who can not love

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Today we share with you the first wave of autumn makeup sharing, the change of season, many sisters have this distress, want to change some fresh style should be the scene, but do not know how to start, or no inspiration. So, here comes today’s makeup share, take a look!


1,Smoky rose makeup


Today’s makeup will be more suitable for girls of mature temperament, many girls like that more cold makeup, in fact, is not itself cold inside, but now many social fear of girls really sometimes, just want to do their own thing, do not want to chat with people, do not want to be accosted.


This makeup today is perfect for creating a “cold beauty” temperament, first we start with the most eye-catching part, is the smoky rose lipstick, bluish tones very aura, is the type of only dare to look away.


In addition to the lip makeup sense, the second most important is the eyebrow shape, eyebrow shape is more wild hair flu, and the upward amplitude is relatively large, so more neutral temperament, the part around the eyes with the earth color halo, with small sequins to highlight, looks light, but not dull.


Here you need to use a very atmospheric smoky rose lipstick, with a pink toned blush to echo the lip makeup, eye makeup light also need fine flash to brighten, the whole combination together is a very atmospheric smoky rose imperial makeup.


2,Retro oil painting beauty


This makeup color scheme is really very oil painting texture, is the kind of very artistic oil painting heroine’s feeling that does not seem to exist in reality, I do not know which family’s broad wife, extraordinary temperament, mysterious life.


The focus of this makeup is on the yellow color of the eye makeup and blush yellow echo, to create a sense of art, I and other common people can not easily accost.


autumn makeup


The part at the end of the eye is embellished with green eyeshadow, the eye head plus a little, with green earrings, quite that rich but not overly dense sense of caricature, and then a grapefruit-colored lipstick, quite cool.


The basic single product used here is the overlay of yellow eyeshadow and green eyeshadow palette, very much the taste of summer and autumn transition, with the same series of blush and lipstick, and then overlapping hair bands earrings such accessories, a very sense of atmosphere.


3,Wild girl sense


This makeup is very wild and very original feeling, look carefully is so a little makeup, but at first glance gives a very natural and simple beauty.


The more important colors that need to be used here are gently and lightly stained on the cheeks, around the eyes and lips, giving a sense of color that naturally emanates from the skin or lips.


The focus of the entire makeup is on the lips, the kind of edge is not clear watery lips, on behalf of the young girl’s sense.


The items that need to be used are earth tone eyeshadow palette, pink color Dai red and aqua lipstick, but the hands need to be lighter to bring this sense of natural and innocent beauty.


4,Japanese light smoky


Light smoky makeup gives the impression that there is a distinct sense of makeup, but not the kind of sexy and aggressive makeup, can visually exude a sense of light charm, but not overly flashy.


The focus of this makeup, in fact, is on the eye makeup, the overall sense of makeup to earth tones, but is from the eyes to the mouth gradually weakened, the focus of the entire makeup, on the eyebrows and eyes part.


This is presented in the time, like eyes containing water like a very story, with a relatively light lip makeup, is the kind of heart has a secret, with a little lonely beauty.


The rest is a lighter but more moist lipstick that does not show lip lines, and a matching light nail.


5,Chinese vintage makeup


This makeup is not so exaggerated, but with the clothes with this yellow and blue color scheme really have that time that taste, the color is just right, but the point of collision to the end.


Want to try retro sense of makeup sisters, you can try this very suitable for autumn, but not blindly from the earth color makeup, such taste in makeup, I believe you can also make you stand out in your circle of friends.


The focus of this makeup needs to be used is a very characteristic yellow eyeshadow, used to do eye makeup emphasis, the subsequent nourishing models of lip makeup, and blue nail are used to play with.


6,Japanese cold face makeup


Is not this few years are very popular cold beauty, funeral face, the kind of look bad to approach, not mess with the aura, is very easy to attract people want to go near you.


This makeup today means just that, the overall face base makeup is not to emphasize that sense of girlish clarity, but to retain the flaws that should be left behind, giving a sense of I’m not to be messed with, not a dainty little princess.


The focus of this makeup is also in the eye makeup, more earthy color scheme, there are still color blocks that can highlight the focus, is the grapefruit color, can be integrated with the skin, and will not be integrated almost do not see.


Here you need to use is a more colorful earth tone eyeshadow plate, and a medium earth tone plate, lip makeup slightly colorful can be, with black nail, give a person not much to repair, but born with a good base, cool girl feeling.


How about, today’s makeup is not a very cold beauty feeling? For social fear girls, it is really worth learning up and using up!


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