Suitable for the first winter of the big brand lipstick, TF retro texture, YSL is suitable for girls

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Autumn wink passed, early winter had come, winter comes, each young lady sisters also want beautiful beauty da, can spend idea more in makeup look respect then, lipstick is indispensable in a delicate makeup look.


Early winter lips are also relatively dry, many girls are very distressed, both want to moisturize the type of lipstick, but also worry about the color is not beautiful. It doesn’t matter, don’t worry too much, small make up this time for the young lady sisters to share some moist and good-looking early winter lipstick.


Chanel # 627




Chanel’s lipstick is a school of its own in the lipstick world. Its colors are exquisite and advanced, and few other brands can replace them. This 627 color will immediately get its beauty, let people love to put down, meet all your expectations.


It is a plum-camellia colour, and its red is not a bright red, but a cool one. It is so beautiful that it gives a sense of sophistication to Slay, the queen of nightclubs.


With a sexy and seducing dress or a handsome jacket, tall and mysterious, unpredictable, but not close to, this color will not step on thunder, for the yellow miss sister is also very friendly, white little sister painted after will be more out of the box.


Lancome # 188




The color of 188 is chocolate reddish-brown. After being painted, the lips have a slight sense of cream left after eating cream chocolate cake, which is very different. Red is mixed with a bit of brown, which is different from brick red, more mysterious and advanced than brick red.


To those who use to be used is red, the young lady sister of tangerine people, can try this 188, wind of royal elder sister after besmeard is full, the coat of mature and elegant on collocation or suit coat, if stroll of an elegant ground is in French street, return mou smiles the charming woman that 100 flatterers live, feminine flavour is dyein.


Its quality of a material is more moist, at the same time the color is done well, both at the same time, it is excellent. Suit the makeup look with mature of collocation charm more everyday, the second on besmear changes noble daughter young lady, it is sex appeal and temptation between a show of hands and feet, a look makes a person fall in love with enough.






TF lipstick can also be regarded as the “Hermes” level in lipstick industry. At first glance, this color is also reddish brown, but if you look closely, it will be more retro and advanced than that thin pure reddish brown color, which is especially suitable for girls with mature makeup and dressing style.


It’s romantic and gentle. It has a light creaminess. It’s very moist, but it doesn’t look like a greasy mouth. If for some other mouth red, yellow and black skin of the little sister is very concerned.


If you are worried that it will appear black, then this TF80 can be counted as your savior, you can be at ease with your eyes closed. No matter be thin besmear or thick besmear foil complexion very much, make the temperament of whole person be able to highlight.


YSL Silver Bar #107




If you want to recommend an early winter lipstick for the majority of young girls, small make up I will first choose the YSL of 107, its color is red brown, but also revealed a faint bean paste color, a sense of layers, will not appear thin, thin coating thick coating effect is not the same, super suitable for the style of nifty pink girl.


The effect on the mouth is also very moist, in the early winter season to use super appropriate, and will not show lip lines, unlike those matte texture of lipstick, very dry.


In fact, the makeup effect of lipstick has a certain relationship with the state of lips. If the skin state of lips is very bad, it will directly affect the effect of lip makeup. No matter what color and size of lipstick is applied, the effect is not so satisfactory.


At ordinary times, we should also pay attention to care for our lips, the state of the lips is good, coupled with the blessing of lipstick, it is a tiger with wings added. We can apply a lip balm first before makeup, can not only care our lip ministry.


It also makes your lips more hydrated and shiny, making them look soft and in great shape. What is your favorite lipstick color? Please share with Nikisho in the comments section.

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