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Has recently been chop hand various foundation, powder and lip glaze, suddenly found that didn’t look good eye shadow is tie-in, want to say a single small eye shadow box is convenient to carry, but how can a meet the needs of different eye makeup every day, that is must be eye shadow box just line ah, so today we can count the beauty of these a few cost-effective ultra-high ikky eye shadow tray, ever-changing eye makeup painting at will.


Maybelline open electric eye shadow tray


At the mention of colour makeup is certainly maybelline cost-effective, enough brand awareness, product quality can meet the daily needs, this is big magic eye eye shadow has four color, gradient in partial powder brown makes a variety of daily eye makeup effect, fine quality is the makeup time is longer, the eye makeup effect is pure and fresh and not too pink.


Colorpop Sunset Makeup tray


Colorpop eye shadow tray is definitely a super beauty be bored with, each eye shadow pan has basic color collocation a variety of pure and fresh and lively colour, no. 15 color can draw a lot of eye makeup effect, like the 15 color slants naked pink eye shadow, not only close to the color of the commonly used color, and may be pure and fresh and the naked powder, bean paste, comfortable shallow blue wait for, More highlights of white embellishment lie silkworm. Silty is also more delicate and good color, color fresh and lasting.


Smashbox eye shadow tray


Smashbox eyeshadow plate has been pushed very hot in various platforms recently. Although it is not sold in China because of animal testing problems, it still makes people chase grass through various channels. I think its best-selling Ablaze maple leaf eyeshadow plate is really very beautiful, and it is a pity not to enter its eyeshadow plate. The price is a bit more expensive but the portion of eye shadow is not little, powder qualitative very fine will not fly powder, color number is the warm color that suits qiu dong to use is, on the eye daub won’t very exaggerated what gives a kind of warm tone fully again restores ancient ways feeling.


Urban decay eye shadow tray


eye shadow


So far, there are the first generation, the second generation, the third generation and the heat limited edition for autumn and winter. They are all pumpkin colors that are very suitable for this season. The warm colors look very warm, and the color is also a mixture of pearl and matte, which can experience a variety of different eye makeup and eye shadow matching. Eye shadow powder and the first generation of almost fine fine color, than the second and third generation of eye shadow are much more delicate.


Kat von D12 eye shadow palette


Kat von d eye shadow although few kinds, but the eye shadow of workmanship and opaque compaction is very attentively, powder compaction quality don’t fly powder, color full color, recommend this dumb fog creates the eye shadow tray, are very useful on every color, feel the earth color can not taken color, eye shadow makeup on disc mirror big enough easy, classic color never out of date?


Don’t be ashamed of the endless eyeshadow palette, which can also be used to add eyeliner, paint eyebrows, and shade to create a three-dimensional look.

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