Sweet but not greasy lipstick recommendation: each lipstick has a little gentle feeling, really super nice

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lipstick recommendation:


Canmake Love Lipstick #06


Canmake this #06 recommended to the fairies who are still studying, want to add some color and do not want to be found by the director of education, pick it!

The sweet but not greasy cinnamon black tea color, the texture is very moist, without lip balm primer can also be smoothly applied on the color. A thin layer of the coating already has a Japanese miscellaneous internal taste ~


Burberry 93 russet



The rusty red-brown color that exploded before the fire is absolutely beautiful. The red-brown color is very rich and is also a very classic color number.


Autumn and winter coated with this ambience full of sense, the gas field is very full, but thin coating and with a little gentle feeling, the color really super good-looking coated is the Japanese vintage small beans, advanced. This branch is not picky skin tone, red-brown how will pick skin tone it.


The texture of burberry is also very comfortable on the mouth, velvet texture, very smooth not to pull dry.


YSL small gold bar 21


Applicable skin tone: not picky skin, just use Color and texture: positive red, matte texture, but not dry As a very sought-after retro red, it can be called the king of popularity and is often bought out of stock, with bright colors that can be held by yellow skin. I think it looks good on thin and thick coats, and it shows a lot of color when you apply it, and it’s very aura, and then it’s the actress herself, and A and valiant.


Armani 408.


408 This is the only one of the Armani red tube series to buy back a color number that has not been used. This one is just into the Armani red tube pit when bought, that time to see the red tube want to buy, the results buy back once have not used.


This is the same as 405 is also orange tone red, but 405 is really much friendlier than 408. The difference between the two may be more aptly described as follows.


If 405 is a tomato red and 408 is a persimmon red, the orange tone of 408 is too high, although there is no luminescence, but it will really make the yellow skin more yellow. I think it’s more suitable for younger white skinned girls, I really can’t hold this old aunt.


Flowering set of botanical lipstick


The plant lipstick is a combination of lipstick and lipstick that can be applied alone or as a base before applying lipstick; not only can it deeply moisturize the lip skin to achieve a lasting moisturizing effect. It can also soothe and repair the lips, and can lighten lip lines and brighten lip color to a great extent with consistent use.


It can change color according to the environment, and each person’s lip temperature/PH value, so a thousand people a thousand colors, the color is very natural. Generally just wait for a few seconds, the lipstick will show a different color according to the PH to the lips as well as the wetness. Even for the same person, the lip color will be slightly different at different times. Thinly applied is a pinkish aqua, thickly applied is cherry color, applied to the mouth is completely divine color, moisturization is also is superb. It is easy for you to create a sense of innocence, yellow skin / white skin are very suitable. The yellow-skinned MM don’t have to worry about not being able to drive, super white, especially lined with skin tone. You can afford to wear a lot of makeup from now on, but also dare to face the sky!


As a lip balm, it is really moisturizing, on the lips feel particularly good, no paste lard like heavy feeling, but not dry. So usually do not love makeup, or do not like heavy makeup, the pursuit of natural makeup sense of sisters can try this lipstick, absolutely no mistake, it can be for you to create “exclusive color It can create “exclusive color” for you.

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