The base makeup review, look at these foundations, BB cream, how to create natural coverage nude makeup

wu meijie Date:2021-09-17 17:41:05
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The most important thing is that you have to be able to get rid of the oil and makeup, powder, dull skin tone, shine, pores, how to solve these makeup troubles at once. This is to talk about the foundation and BB cream, foundation has a strong concealing power, foundation makeup will feel heavier; BB cream is good at improving the skin dull tone, the main light, natural nude makeup effect. Today, we will review several foundations and BB creams to give a reference to the babies who want to start.


1, Barbie Brown wormwood foundation


The skin care foundation, this foundation rotten face with a repair effect, acne skin can also be used, the concealing power is medium, acne marks are not covered, the sense of shine is very good, but does not make the face look pores or oil, just on the face feel general, but after a period of makeup is very good-looking, hold makeup six or seven hours is proper, and then long, or will take off makeup.


2, cpb diamond light powder cream


Very delicate, and Guerlain crystal diamond makeup effect is somewhat similar, like its own skin is very good, pores are very fine look, moderate moisturization, glossy feeling is very good, like the skin’s native sense of shine, concealer general, not suitable for acne muscle use, makeup degree medium, about five or six hours, makeup effect is very good-looking, but the disadvantage is expensive.


Barbie Brown


3, Armani Master Foundation


Suitable for dry skin use, on the face and skin tone is very close, but the whitening and brightening effect is not very obvious, and to the afternoon will be a little dark, like to increase the white baby or do not buy. But the sense of shine is very good, dry skin can be used all year round.


4, Clinique balanced foundation


This is quite suitable for oily skin, the texture is not dry, but also enough moist, with makeup for a long time will not take off, after the face is a very natural makeup, but the concealer power medium.


5, YSL supermodel foundation


This supermodel foundation does not card powder does not take off makeup, is the texture of the cream muscle, texture is not so moist, but the concealer strength is still possible, suitable for autumn and winter use, the bottle is a minimalist style, pump head design is very convenient.

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