The Best Fall Lipstick Isn’t Lipstick at All—Flattering Alternatives to Try Now

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From unintentional smudging to round-the-clock reapplication, there’s nothing nonchalant about a perfectly drawn fall lipstick. Once you commit, you must do maintenance all day long. And while the reward of, say, a classic burgundy lip often outweighs the inconvenience, there’s also beauty in a perfectly color-calibrated tint that’s a winning improvement on your natural lip color.


That’s where the season’s most exciting—and innovative—lip balms, stains, oils, and even liquid powders come in. When applied blindly en route to any destination, they sink right in, deposit a diffused wash of color that won’t bleed or melt, and condition against wind and chapping. Here, the five nourishing fall lipstick alternatives worth stashing in the pocket of any tailored wool blazer or cozy puffer coat.


Pat McGrath


Victoria Beckham Beauty Bitten Lip Tint


Victoria Beckham has been staking her claim in the lip game with sublime results. For a lightweight and plumping swipe of tinted color, there’s her new Bitten Lip Tint, which comes in two lovely hues—Chérie, a sheer pink rose, and Bisou, a rich nude-berry—and bestows rejuvenating squalene and hyaluronic acid.


Pat McGrath Labs Lip Fetish Lip Balm


For those who don’t want to part with a traditional tube, legendary pro Pat McGrath’s luminous lip balms, which glide on like butter and come in long-lasting satin and shimmery shades, are so wildly flattering, it’s impossible to go wrong. Housed in sleek white and gold–trimmed bullets, they’re all the ammo needed for a chilly night on the town.

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