The difference between liquid foundation and air cushion is easy, get choice of makeup technology.

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Many girls make up, so can you use foundation or air cushion? What’s the difference between the two? Let me tell you today. Speaking of bottom makeup products, the first thing you think of is air cushions and foundation fluids. But the difference between air cushions and liquid foundation is that many girls still don’t know much about it. Today, let’s learn about the difference between liquid foundation and air cushion.


First, the difference between liquid foundation and air Cushion.


1,the degree of Concealer is different.


The liquid foundation has a good concealer, which can perfectly cover the blain, pox pit and black mole on the face, and is suitable for the skin with slightly worse skin condition. But the liquid foundation is easy to show a thick makeup sense, resulting in the appearance of dead white, false white.


The ability of air cushion Concealer is general, and it has certain Concealer effect on pox and freckles on the face. Compared with the foundation, it is less than 1/3, so the air cushion is more suitable for smooth skin.


2,Suitable for different skin types


 liquid foundation


Our skin is divided into oily skin, dry skin, mixed skin and sensitive skin. The texture of the foundation fluid is dry and thick, and has relatively powerful oil control ability. So the foundation solution is more suitable for the use of skin and mixed skin girl.


The air cushion is thin and moist, which is more suitable for girls with dry skin. For girls with sensitive skin, due to the sensitive characteristics of the skin, it is recommended to use less cosmetics to avoid increasing the burden on the skin.


3,Different colors


The texture of the air cushion is very clear and delicate. The main function is to improve women’s skin color, so the tone of the air cushion presents a relatively warm color. Single round this point, the air cushion is not suitable for girls with dark yellow skin. There should be serious color difference. The most embarrassing part of makeup is the two colors of neck and face. The foundation fluid is more natural and close to the skin color.


4,Different makeup holding time


A good foundation solution can normally guarantee eight hours of makeup time, and will not take up makeup immediately after eight hours. It will only produce oil or faint makeup. However, the air cushion does not have such a strong makeup holding force. You need to carry the air cushion with you for makeup. Layer by layer, the makeup that looks natural at first will cause false white feeling due to continuous makeup. So the best way to make up is actually the foundation makeup and air cushion makeup.


2、 Bottom makeup selection skills


1,Dry skin


You believe that dry skin has such a big problem, that is, it often has the phenomenon of peeling and floating powder. Once it is not done well, there will be big cracks. Therefore, we must do a good job in moisturizing before makeup and at the time of priming. Paste a moisturizing mask when you have time. On the basis of the choice of foundation, try to choose some relatively moisturizing cream foundation, or a good moisturizing effect of foundation liquid. In this way, you can greatly reduce the phenomenon of dry skin and floating powder.


2,Sensitive skin


Sensitive girls are often dry and red, so it is very difficult to pick foundation. If you use bad words carelessly, it may cause a volcano eruption in your entire face. So in choosing this foundation, you should choose natural and maintain the foundation of your skin. In this way, it will do little harm to your skin. It is really very reliable and relatively safe.


3,Oily skin


Oily skin is the most perplexing is that the skin is always out of oil, after make-up is really super love makeup, basically exposed the skin for a few hours, and a careless posting, so to choose some oil free foundation. In addition, the choice of refreshing and matte liquid foundation is particularly good for our big oil skin.


It is better than just skin to choose the foundation liquid, and also according to the color number, it is not only white enough to look good, but neck is the two color. It is really super embarrassed. You can choose to try the color and try to choose the junction of neck and cheek. In this way, it will not cause false white and other phenomena. The closer the color is to your skin, the more suitable it is for you.

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