The first plate of eyeshadow this autumn, more than milk tea fragrance

wu meijie Date:2021-09-24 17:09:03
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Every year, once after mid-autumn, we are busy adding clothes and preparing for the seasonal skin care, in fact, the makeup will follow some seasonal changes.


Among them, the most intuitive number of eye makeup. Compared to spring and summer pink and fresh colors, autumn eye makeup always comes with some rather rich atmosphere of the deep sense.


At this time, a plate of seasonal autumn eyeshadow palette will certainly be able to inject soul into your makeup.


This is not a big beauty from the open shelf brand and the big brand makeup in each pick a few bones to stay flowing with the autumn atmosphere sense of eyeshadow plate. As the most frequently used four-color eyeshadow, Dami said in good conscience, each of today’s recommended plate is worth getting ~


Canmake Wellfield five-color matte eyeshadow


The #05 almond honey card of the chopping girl’s well field series is also considered an old internet sensation. Although the debut early, but the business ability has been online.




The color is the classic earth color, from light to deep a total of five brown tone curry color. Although it looks basic, this kind of plate is really the one that has the highest rate of appearance when you don’t know which plate to use. In addition to the versatile color scheme, this plate is also very worthy of praise is the powder quality. Although the official label is a matte disc, but this matte and not the other matte. It is very subtle, like a texture between the pearl and matte, on the hand silky smooth not fly powder. In the same price range, the cut girl’s powder quality is absolutely first-class, and even better than many big brands are doing.


The safety of the brand’s color system also means that the eyeshadow will be a lot more hands-on. For many newcomers who are just starting to learn makeup, or non-technical handicapped party, this plate is very suitable to practice. Start with the lightest beige color in the top row, then use the second lightest mocha color next to it to deepen the eye socket with a dark curry from the bottom row. A classic and durable earth tone eye makeup is finished with a good smudge edge. If you want to upgrade, you can also use a flat-tipped brush to dip in the darkest color for eyeliner. Anyway, this plate is the kind of powder and color match can be good, just use your fingers to wipe two will look good.


Colourpop matte four-color eyeshadow


Which is the best new eyeshadow frequency? Almost 365 days a year in the new card bubble must have the most say. If you feel that you can’t keep up with the new speed of the Cabo family, if you don’t know which palette to choose this fall, Dami strongly recommends it. The color scheme of the whole plate is very much like the dried roses in the old castle manor, with a little earthy color in the pink tone, gently cold to give a sense of elusive confusion.


Although the transparent acrylic packaging looks very Korean, but once the eyeshadow on the hand immediately showed the “European and American model”: matte color rich, pearlescent presence strong. The powder quality is still the same as the old problem with the card bubble family, a little dry. So remember to shake off the remaining powder and don’t be too heavy-handed when applying makeup.


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