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These two days a few particularly hot love drama have ushered in the grand finale, whether it is “next stop is happiness” in the sweet sister-brother love or “see you” in the crossing love deep, anyway, let Nikisho look so envious ah, who do not want to usher in an idol drama like a good love ~ but love this thing is not something you look forward to expect to come, sometimes it is to spend some little thought, take the initiative to be able to attract The idea of ta Oh. Pink crystal, strawberry crystal are useless! How about learning how to reverse the “straight man chop” ishihara Satomi it.


We all know that Ishihara Satomi early popularity is not high, and even once was terminated, facing career dilemma. At that time, she really has a world of difference from now. The young black hair, thick lips, dull deep feelings, appearance does not leave a deep impression.


But now she is like a newborn, between the eyebrows of the style, charming smile to capture the hearts of fans. She is known as “no ugly instant”, and she is undoubtedly a sunny and sweet girl that both men and women will like.


She was also the torch bearer for the Tokyo Olympic Games recently, so she is officially recognized as a positive idol and is naturally “national”.


Nikisho once carefully studied the changes in the makeup of Ishihara Satomi, and found that the secret of her becoming gentle and sweet, all in a pair of curved thin eyebrows ~ compared to the previous thick wild eyebrows, does not look much more charming?



The eyebrows are really important and represent the whole person’s essence. Today Nikisho to teach you to draw a super gentle eyebrow shape, so you instantly become more soft and moving Oh.


1. first outline the top of the eyebrows, for newcomers to gentle flat eyebrows is better to master.


2. In the back two-thirds of the eye and the vertical connection point of the eyebrow is the position of the peak, from here to draw a slightly curved downward line.


3. Draw the bottom line of the eyebrow, the first two-thirds of the eyebrow is smooth, and the back of the eyebrow is connected with the line just above the bend.


4. Fill in the middle of the eyebrow with color. Try to draw the line in a way that will be more clean and natural.


5. Finally, emphasize the lines at the end of the eyebrows, where the lines need to be the clearest.


With a few particularly good eyebrow products, you can get twice the result with half the effort.


Shu Uemura Machete Eyebrow Pencil


Shu Uemura’s scalpel eyebrow pencil is a classic, oil-activated formula that allows the pencil to glide on the skin and develop color without easily failing to draw or caking. The hardness of the pencil is critical for newbies, and this pencil is easily sharpened into a machete shape to create a realistic flu on the eyebrows, so it’s not a problem at all to draw wild eyebrows.


KATE Kate’s three-dimensional shape three-color eyebrow powder


Kate’s eyebrow powder is also a hit with beauty lovers because it is really versatile. Two shades to choose from, three colors to mix yourself a variety of different textures, the powder is very fine. The newcomers to makeup are highly recommended to have a plate.

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