The happiness given by the filter is temporary, so that the makeup is yyds

wu meijie Date:2021-09-24 16:45:47
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The filter gives a key to the happy skin is only temporary, out and about others see you without a filter, confidence depends on the usual skin care strength and makeup skills!


1, Matte eye makeup


After research I found that the Chinese makeup style can represent the eye makeup, Mao Geping is the soul of the person who has to be mentioned. Under his “pen”, he vividly restored the “smiling eyes”, the Chinese aesthetic under the obscure and emotional expression properly.


Even the makeup of the 1990s is not outdated today. Modern sense and mystery, than the current stage of many celebrities Netflix makeup more points of personality and sharpness.




And Europe and the United States exaggerated eye makeup and Korean clean eye makeup is different, it pays more attention to mystery and subtlety. Zhang Ziyi a lot of makeup is from him, we can see these characteristics.


With matte eye makeup, even the very impactful danfeng eyes are outlined with a soft sensuality. The typical Chinese almond and danfeng eyes are well suited to this makeup idea.


Chinese modern makeup emphasizes the ability to hold down the scene, to the atmosphere, so less likely to use bright colors, always use earth tones to respond to changes.


2,  Subtle convergence but rich fine bay eyebrows


The history of Chinese eyebrow painting is very long, and there are corresponding popular eyebrow shapes in different dynasties. From here we can see that the main consideration for Chinese eyebrows is rhythm.


Moreover, although the Chinese aesthetic eyebrows are fine, they are heavy on color and speak of a darker brow color. Chinese beauties seem to come with rhythm, they are subtle and restrained but strong. It is more about progression and mystery.


3,  Dry and clean high coverage base makeup.


Elegant Chinese makeup focuses on a clean base, but not as much as the Japanese system, which emphasizes the delicate and hydrated sense of skin.


So the skin condition is not too stable friends can boldly use high coverage foundation, local defects can be covered with a little heavier, even not so fine does not matter.


The high degree of coverage after the foundation can make the face look less furrowed and smoother, even if the back of the painting a heavier eye makeup will not look old-fashioned.


Especially this year’s popular “first love face”, “pure desire”, “fishing system”, the essence of the natural and transparent makeup effect. Not only is the makeup, this natural and unadorned beauty is extended to the photo, I used to prefer excessive skin, non-mainstream repair, now more and more like natural hanging, that simple and advanced beauty!


4,  No light lipstick


The essence of modern Chinese makeup is a color saturated, rounded three-dimensional lip makeup, so that the lip makeup to blend with the heavy eyebrows and eyes will have a very stable feeling, not head heavy and light to lose the sense of atmosphere.


One is the fullness of the lips, the second is the color saturation is high, but her fullness is not with that mirror water doodly feeling, or matte, is the classic dark red lips carved lip shape.


In contrast to the Korean makeup “lip bite”, it is full lipstick all over the lips, looks full of aura. The lip contour is clear and does not blur the lip line, the lip peaks and lip beads are obvious, both of which are highlighted to increase the thickness of the lips, flattering and slightly sexy, truly showing oriental femininity.


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