The hot lipstick number 2021 is recommended, which not only shows white and good-looking, but also holds makeup, and who wears it looks good

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Lipstick as an indispensable part of makeup, but also our whole makeup appearance, believe everyone think so, but let’s a lot of women in choosing a lipstick stumped, because she doesn’t know what you need, for what, so choose a suitable own makeup lipstick is a not easy thing.


A suitable lipstick can not only highlight your beautiful makeup look, also can see that a person’s personality, more can highlight the temperament of the whole people, today to share these a few lipstick is my favorite, no matter you are yellow skin and black or white skin, can achieve very good result shows white show temperament oh, who painted good-looking, take a look at what are!


Estee Lauder # Saffron 360




This lipstick is a new product of Estee Lauder, and I believe there are not many sisters to use. This is a lipstick limited on Chinese Valentine’s Day. Only the appearance is full of the vitality of a girl, and there is a sense of innocence and romance.


Although the appearance of vitality lovely, but on the makeup after the full mature female royal sister fan, slightly tipsy cinnamon color, it is charming and enticing! With a light shade of coral to cinnamon and 24 hours of non-discoloration, this lipstick is perfect for your aura whether you’re yellow or white. Is partial palm red bean paste, the aura all Hold up, but no aggression, can give a person the feeling of a good family, the quality of a material of the lipstick wen run is exquisite burnish feeling is also good, I always think of estee lauder satin texture comfortable, upper lip moist keep humidity is high, if not render can maintain a good state of labial ministry.


YSL# 28 advanced carrot color


YSL28 lipstick is almost a must-have in a girl’s bag. It is a kind of color similar to Lancome 196 lipstick, but the orange tone is not so strong. When applied thin, this lipstick gives people a feeling of special age reduction and vitality, while applied thick, it is full of foreign style, and the most important thing is that it is really very white. It belongs to the matte lipstick texture, so makeup will feel the whole lip makeup is particularly advanced and atmospheric, and its holding makeup effect is particularly good, has a certain waterproof effect, from the visual point of view, is the kind of lipstick color that is more foil color, no makeup can also be easily controlled when going out.


Chanel # 237 Black Tea with Crushed Diamond Figs and cinnamon


It is belong to that kind of chanel 237 lipstick flash earthenware milk tea color, with a fine is belong to that kind of look is brown and black tea peach cinnamon mixed feeling, combined with the characteristics of the flash, the whole labial makeup look can easily build very advanced, with slightly gloss, tender and unique temperament, extremely is dye-in-the-wood feeling restoring ancient ways, It can be said to be very beautiful and very lining temperament, it belongs to a yellow skin girl painted on the color is also very white, low-key and senior.


3CE# Speak up Red pear


Here have to say that 3CE home red is really super ah, it is very popular this Speak up color number is really a special good look, it is the kind of looks very retro red pear color, super temperament of the palace lady red tone. And its quality of a material is very much like the sort of armani red tube, is that with the velvet matte texture of lipstick, but the individual feels this kind of labial glair up than armani’s painted matte, the whole feeling is very elegant, but it’s a makeup effect also is very good, is not easily stained glass, joker don’t pick makeup look, upper lip after velvet touch the sense that gives a person is very comfortable.


Ok, that’s all Nikisho wants to share with you today about this year’s hot lipstick review, I don’t know if you are using or have other good recommendations and opinions? Let us know in the comments below

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