The net zero reviews of the 3 makeup remover cream: EVELOM a cream unload the whole face, Clinique purple fat cost-effective

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I didn’t think that the makeup remover products on the market actually appeared “in-volume” phenomenon, makeup remover cream is not only concerned about the ability to remove makeup, its cream texture, face value and makeup removal experience have become the criteria used to judge whether it is good.


In the “competitive” market, there are 3 makeup remover creams that stand out and can be said to have achieved “zero bad reviews” across the network and are constantly being repurchased.


EVELOM Classic Cleansing Cream Makeup Remover


EVELOM This makeup remover is known as the “Hermes” of the makeup remover world, many people will not change other products after using this makeup remover. From the most basic makeup removing power, it is no problem to remove the whole face with one cream, whether it is a base makeup or stubborn makeup can be easily removed with it, in addition, it is also a set of makeup removal and cleaning as one product.


The natural extracts of essential oils help cleanse and eliminate toxins from the skin, purify old skin cells, and soften and moisturize the skin. Its ingredients are relatively mild and less irritating to the skin. It contains lanolin, which is a potential allergy risk. It can be used by all skin types except super sensitive skin.


Clinique Makeup Remover


The cream contains fine scrubbing particles, i.e. natural cocoa butter, which melts when heated in the palm of the hand and does not cause a sense of friction on the skin when used, and the texture of the cream varies slightly with temperature. When used on the face, with the appropriate makeup remover and makeup removal techniques, the cream easily dissolves makeup on the face while removing excess keratin metabolized on the face and promoting blood circulation on the face.


After the makeup remover is cleaned, the skin is soft and smooth without the feeling of oily film, the skin feels non-tight and bright, and it feels like every pore on the face is cleaned thoroughly. This makeup remover should be used with your own Mazeline cotton cloth to have the best cleansing experience. The effect of the makeup remover alone is equivalent to that of an ordinary makeup remover, but the feeling of use is not particularly amazing.


Clinique Purple Fat Makeup Remover


A makeup remover that focuses on skin care cleansing is also a “debut” that has been loved by many celebrities and bloggers.


The cleansing power of this makeup remover is very good, facial foundation, lip glaze products and waterproof makeup, eye makeup can be used to remove it cleanly. The natural safflower seed oil ingredient makes it gentle and clean to remove makeup while reducing skin irritation. The ingredients are relatively safe without alcohol, colors, fragrances and mineral oils, but the emulsifiers and preservatives contained may cause acne and cause closed mouth problems. Super sensitive skin types need to choose carefully.


The cream is white cream-like, silky texture and good to push away, take an appropriate amount of makeup remover cream with the palm of your hand temperature heating, showing an essential oil-like texture on the face, a little rubbing and water emulsification can remove facial makeup, clean the face without oil film feeling, pores clear skin feeling not tight. Because of the addition of vitamin E, the skin tone remains bright and shiny after makeup removal.


This makeup remover is very easy to use, no need to pair it with a makeup remover tool, the use of the technique is also very simple, large can capacity cost-effective full points.


Farmacy Deep Cleansing Cleansing Balm


The main reason for the popularity of this cream is its extreme gentleness, which combines makeup removal, cleansing and skin nourishing effects.


The cream is similar to coconut oil jelly texture, dry hands and dry face state, take an appropriate amount of makeup remover cream in the palm of your hand, rub the oil-like texture on your face, emulsification speed is very fast, easily and thoroughly dissolve the face makeup, the subsequent use of water to rinse off, the face state is soft and not tight, eliminating the second cleaning step. The emulsification of the cream is very fast and easy to clean, and can be used by all skin types.


It is a gentle makeup remover that can thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the skin.


In conclusion.


These 3 makeup remover creams are praised all over the net because they are really excellent, to remind you in particular, when using makeup remover products, the most important thing is to fully emulsify, otherwise it is easy to clean not to trigger a series of pore problems.


In addition, the main role of makeup remover is to remove the makeup products clean, clean up the cuticle is only a secondary role, there is no use of makeup remover to achieve the purpose of cleaning black and white head, this use is very harmful to the behavior of the stratum corneum Oh!

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