The prerequisite for whitening is sun protection! Otherwise, using the most expensive whitening essence is also a waste of money.

wu meijie Date:2021-09-24 15:59:16
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Many women have a herd mentality that triggers irrational consumption. This is not long ago, my girlfriend just came back from Sanya asked me, said she rummaged through the drawer, actually found in the drawer or 3.8 day counter to do activities to buy Estee Lauder whitening serum, said the purchase price of more than 1000, used a period of time did not become white put into the drawer, this is not Sanya back skin tanning, rummaging through the drawer actually found it again, asked me how I should use to have an effect?


I said to her that you are a summer in Sanya sun, then the expensive whitening essence is also a waste of time. The skin is tanned by the sun because UV rays have the ability to break through the dermal layer of the skin, when you do not pay attention to sun protection, UV rays have silently activated the melanocytes hidden deep in the skin, slowly moving to the epidermis to form melanin accumulation, the skin is dark, and sometimes there will be spots.


I also gave her that melanin is in the basal layer of the skin, from the inside out, and not directly on the surface of the skin, you now use whitening essence and what is the use? You need to start with the root cause of whitening. The premise of whitening is sun protection! Block the path of melanin formation, otherwise the more expensive whitening essence is also a waste of time.


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So I gave her a few whitening prescriptions, said it is really a sense of accomplishment, my girlfriend said the effect is very good, and said one day about me to eat a meal it! What is the whitening prescription, let’s see!


1: twice a week with milk bath: the bathtub will be poured into the milk 3 cans and then put hot water, the water temperature to 40 ℃ -60 ℃ is appropriate, the water is too cool, the pores are not easy to open, the water is too hot and will destroy the nutrients of milk. Mix the milk in the right temperature, soak it for about 20 minutes and rinse it off to whiten your skin all over. Everyone knows about milk, right? It is often known as the “white blood” for the excellent effect of skin whitening can be imagined.


2: The usual daily milk steaming face: first apply the face whitening essence, with a basin of hot water, pour in half a can of milk, to steam up, the face on the steam fumigation, to facial flushing so far, each time about 5 minutes. Let the face skin fully absorb the boiling milk steam, nutrient-rich milk heating evaporation, will promote facial blood circulation, speed up metabolism, adhere to a period of time will feel the face rosy, smooth, white and tender.


3: the usual daily pearl powder mask: milk steamed face, then 80 grams of pearl powder mixed with a small amount of milk and honey. After cleansing the face evenly on the face and massage, 20 minutes after washing. The skin will feel smooth and very white.


4: Usually insist on using your wife cream during the day: every morning and evening take an appropriate amount of your wife cream in the belly fingers, in the face from inside to outside gently pat press and apply evenly, for dull skin, spots on the parts can be overlapped several times, and finally use both hands to gently press so that it can be fully absorbed. You can clearly see with the naked eye that your skin is whiter by a degree with a month of consistent use.


The last thing I would like to say to my sister is that any good whitening formula is not applicable to everyone, and I am only targeting my best friend’s one expedited whitening formula. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

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