The pure dry goods makeup tips that girls should know, master these skills when makeup “less detours”

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The pure dry goods makeup tips that girls need to know, which I also share from the experience of many years of makeup artist summary, are pure dry goods, it is recommended that we all collect, stay slowly look.


1, primer skills


primer card powder skin: in the makeup before the first irrigation with make-up, make-up skin care products to more light moisturizing, less greasy heavy, try to choose transparent isolation and sunscreen; foundation can add a drop of serum or lotion, mixed evenly, and then on the face, the primer will be much more obedient.


Nourishing type of foundation is not enough coverage: you can mix high coverage class foundation to use, the foundation and concealment and not pull dry. In the painting stage makeup, foundation with concealer use, the use of the feeling is also very good.


skin redness, dull and yellow, large pores: redness of the face or red acne marks and other redness is more obvious, with foundation and can not cover, we can use green isolation or concealer to neutralize the redness before the foundation. The skin is dull and yellow, in the foundation before the use of purple isolation to neutralize the yellowing, and then go on the foundation, the whole makeup will be more transparent bright white. Large pores: fill in our pores with invisible pore isolation before makeup, and then go to the foundation, the whole face is like a peel.


makeup tips


When putting on the base makeup, we should do it in small amounts and stack it slowly; when applying makeup with a beauty egg, we should let the egg drink a lot of water and then squeeze out the water, so that the egg can be patted on in a wet state, not only to save foundation, but also the base makeup will be more flattering. When applying makeup with a makeup brush, apply makeup with wrist circles, the coverage will also be enhanced; when applying makeup with an air cushion puff, we should first apply the foundation evenly on the face, and then pat it away evenly with the air cushion puff, the makeup is fast and will also be very flattering.


When choosing a base color try to choose a color that is close to your own skin tone, and leave the skin flaws to the concealer so that the base makeup will not feel fake. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Dry skin can add a highlighter to the foundation to increase the skin’s shine. Choose a darker and a lighter foundation for your base makeup, with a darker shade for the shadow area and a lighter shade for the highlighting area. Note that the border must be well articulated, so that you can carry out a thin face in the base makeup, will be very natural.


2, concealer skills


The order of use of concealers: adjust the skin tone concealer before putting on the base makeup; skin tone concealer after the base makeup, dark acne marks, moles, acne to be placed after makeup cover. If the concealer is dry, you can use a hair dryer to heat it up. It is easier to apply dry concealer by spraying some water before using it. Tear trough, decree lines in this is a small fine head of the brush dip bright color, fill the tear trough and decree line depression immediately can be covered; blue-cyan dark circles can first be adjusted with orange concealer, then skin color concealer cover; ordinary dark circles with skin color concealer under the eyes can be covered by drawing the V. Pimple marks, moles and the like are generally covered with a small brush, first covered with a dark concealer and then adjusted with a skin tone concealer; reddish pimples and pimple marks can be covered with a green concealer first and then with a skin tone concealer. Makeup when the hands shake caused by mistakes, than remove makeup with concealer repair will be faster and more effective.


3, eye makeup tips


Eye shadow: If the eye shadow loves to fly powder off the slag, to the brush or eye shadow spray some fixing spray, not only not fly powder but also more posture lasting. Difficult to remove the sequins eye shadow, with a beautiful eye sticker tape gently a sticky can be quickly removed.


eyeliner: when drawing eyeliner, do not draw to the end of the eye, in the case of eyeliner is not completely dry, with a very fine and very small brush pulled to the end of the eye, so it will be very natural and not easy to draw the wrong, after drawing eyeliner, with an eye shadow brush with some eye shadow gently sweep over the eyeliner is not easy to faint makeup. You can use a cotton swab with a little lotion to wipe off the wrong part of the eyeliner.


Eyelashes: Before we brush the mascara, use a tissue to wipe off the excess cream so that the lashes are well-defined and not tangled in a heap, and the lower lashes can be padded with a piece of paper underneath the lashes when brushing, which prevents the mascara from rubbing against the lower eyelid. If there are few or no lower lashes, we can use a very fine eyeliner tissue to draw the lower lashes.


4, eyebrow tips


Before drawing eyebrows, sweep a layer of loose powder on the eyebrows, so that the drawn eyebrows will be dry and will not come off all day; pencil-style eyebrow pencil sharpened into a very thin machete shape, so that the drawn eyebrows have hair flu. After drawing the eyebrows then use concealer to trim the outer contour of the eyebrows, the eyebrows will be more clean and three-dimensional. Do not throw away the dried eyeliner paste, use it to brush the eyebrows will have a root effect.


Five, grooming techniques


Choose different shades of foundation base, light color used in the highlight area, dark color used in the shadow area, so you can quickly adjust the facial contour in the invisible. Be sure to articulate natural; light-colored concealer or foundation is used for facial depressions to highlight, such as tear troughs, lines and other locations, and matte powder highlights are used for local highlighting.


6, blush skills


When playing blush, it is important to smile and brush a small amount of times, the position of the blush will be more accurate. The blush method is different for different face shapes, so you can take a look at the previous article. When playing blush and eyeshadow, loose powder must first shake off the excess powder on the brush, so that the blush will not hit too heavy to not halo away.


7, lip makeup tips


Lipstick really does not need to buy too much, a lipstick method is different, the color presented is not the same, thin, thick, first primed and then coated, gradient coating method, mixed coating and other techniques, a top multiple lipstick use. After applying lipstick, use thin paper on the lips, and then use a loose powder brush to dip the loose powder to gently sweep the makeup, so that the lip makeup will be more durable. Lipstick stained teeth, we can first put the cotton piece into the mouth, when drawn out will bring out the lipstick on the inside of the lips, so it is not easy to stain the teeth.

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