The secret of Dior lipstick, each color is white and advanced, let you look like a goddess

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When it comes to lipstick, it is better to choose dior, because there are a lot of beautiful colors, so many stars use Dior lipstick, compared with these high-end brands, lipstick is suitable for our ordinary income, here are four good color numbers, please quickly choose suitable for yourself.


Dior Clarinet Charm Glaze Lipstick 740


I think this color is special color in the color of red brick and pumpkin, but the red brick is a bit more, have the feeling of restoring ancient ways, color saturation is very good, the range of lipstick is very bright, is moist degree is high, easy to lips glaze quality of a material, but, well, color is also very good, color is very even.


This color is very friendly to yellow skin, black skin younger sister, the effect that shows white skin is very good, the second that besmear on the mouth lets you becomes big, it is the lipstick that is equivalent to autumn winter season.


Dior Flame Blue Lipstick 999


About dior lipstick is always inseparable from the color of 999, dior’s official figure advertisement is this color, needless to say, this is the classic red, support both in formal occasions, or ascension temperament in our daily life, can be flexible control, can be coated with make a second white girls, important is the price performance ratio is really good, spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons, The color used.


There are cushion and moist version, both are good choices, please choose according to your own preferences, I prefer the light cushion, really nostalgic feeling, make texture more advanced, light, reduce age, is a thick goddess.


Dior lipstick


Dior Flame Blue Lipstick 365


This color is not the color of the 740999 fires became famous, is a cold color of door number, I also because friends with this color number and noticed that is the color of daily, without makeup and naked makeup also inconspicuous, flesh pink in personality is very gentle, metal that kind of feeling, even in wampee skin was painted white.


The color of this lipstick is really suitable, with a variety of styles of clothes, it looks conservative and connotation, but the disadvantage of this color is that the color is general, people with dark lips please choose carefully, it may not be clear in the mouth.


Dior red cushion series 760


Speaking of Dior, I have been talking about the red series, red bean color is also very popular now, “sister” Liu Wen wore this color, pay attention to this color, she also grew her own bean paste, dior this is matcha bean paste, really delicious.


Put it on your mouth and you’ll want to lick your lips by all means, but the brown-toned red bean filling has an understated vibe and looks mature enough for the over-25s.


That’s the secret of Dior lipsticks. Each color is white and high class, making you look like a goddess. Please leave a comment.

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