The Surprising Eyeshadow Mistake You Should Avoid Over 40 Because It Makes You Look 10 Years Older

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The right eye makeup techniques can make a huge difference in your look. But, needless to say, a few wrong moves can create harsh lines and shadows and may even make you look less modern and fresh. If your goal is to appear fresher and more youthful (which isn’t in any way a must because no-makeup looks and more sophisticated makeup are just as trendy as fresh faces), there are a few tricks to keep in mind. There are also a few common eye makeup mistakes that you could be making. We spoke with beauty experts who confirmed: this is the surprising eyeshadow mistake you should avoid over 40 because it makes you look 10 years older.


Eyeshadow Mistake


Mention the word “eye shadow” to many makeup and beauty experts and many are likely to respond with a different word: “eyebrows.” Instead of worrying about shadow colors or placement, some say focusing on the brows first is the way to go if you want to achieve a youthful look.

“The brows are one of the most prominent features of the face since they show whether or not a person is young,” says Jenny Stokes, founder and CEO at MinimalJapan. “As a beauty expert, I recommend people to pay attention to their brows rather than simply following the latest style. That is a common mistake of people. Various brow shapes are suitable for different persons.”


Christina-Lauren Pollack, creator and lifestyle editor at Inspirations & Celebrations, agrees. “The worst eyebrow mistake that will age you is to overpluck your eyebrows,” Pollack says. “As we age, eyebrow hairs naturally tend to fall out more. This leads to more sparse-looking eyebrows, which can make you look older. To combat this problem, I recommend using an eyebrow serum (such as Vegamour Gro Brow or Revitalash Revitabrow). You can also use castor oil (as a nightly topical application), as it can help to stimulate eyebrow hair growth naturally. By creating the look of fuller eyebrows, it will instantly make you look more youthful.”


Once your brows have received the attention they deserve (or once you’ve put down the tweezer and let them be), there are certainly things you can do to enhance your eyes with eyeshadow without creating darkness and shadows. “The one eyeshadow tip I could advise to everyone is to match your eyeshadow on your skin tone,” Stokes says. “It must complement your skin to make it look fresh and natural.”


One eyeshadow tip that Pollack says she recommends for women over 40 is to apply a light matte neutral shade all over the eyelid. “For example, if you have fair skin, an ivory-colored shadow is ideal; whereas, if you have darker skin, you can opt for a mocha hue,” Pollack says. “Matte eyeshadows are great for age 40+ skin, as they don’t make fine lines look pronounced (whereas sparkly shadows can). Plus, it gives you a natural, refreshed appearance that makes you look more awake and bright-eyed.”

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