The top 4 Dior lipstick numbers, you don’t have one, right?

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Lipstick is the bridge between girls chatting, girlfriends sitting together chatting always will often talk about this topic, it is also one of the many cosmetics can enhance the most color, show temperament.


In many lipstick brands, Dior is a brand that always makes people want to stop, and it can be said that everyone who likes lipstick will have a Dior lipstick in their hands.


Of course, everyone’s choice of lipstick number is also different, but each lipstick color number has a few classic colors, and they are mostly some of the more versatile sub colors.


Today, we are here to talk to you about the top four lipstick numbers from Dior’s word of mouth, which one of these popular lipstick colors do you prefer! Let’s take a look at the top four Dior word-of-mouth color numbers with this question, who are they?






When it comes to Dior’s more popular lipstick numbers, it has to be said that Dior’s 999 classic positive red, this lipstick can be said to be the originator of many red lipsticks.


From the very beginning of the popular big red lipstick, it is the position of the first sister of lipstick in the hearts of many people, and until now no one can compare. Big red lipsticks are great for everyone to wear.


Whether you are a yellow skin, or black skin people, painted on are quite white and colorful, Dior 999 is divided into several versions, of which the matte version is the most liked.


It is matte matte texture on the mouth, but not at all dry, but also relatively moist, even if the lips are dry people painted on, it is not easy to dry skin, thin coating is not exaggerated, thick coating and quite aura.






Dior‘s 740 is also a color that people love at first sight, it is a little more than 999 orange tone, and is a kind of maple orange with a little retro feeling, and people who have used this color know that it is really quite show people white.


The girl with white skin is more like a little fairy, and the girl with yellow skin and black skin is also quite good at whitening, the lipstick is a solid lip glaze texture, the mouth is quite moist, after applying to the mouth, the upper and lower lip sip a silky moist texture, feel soft, and the taste is also super nice.


Some people feel that it has a tomato-red color, but if you apply it thickly, the red tone is still a little more, it can very well cover up your lip skin blemishes and spots, and the color degree is particularly good.


However, it is a glossy makeup, if you prefer matte matte girls, this color may not be suitable for you, because it is too moist.






A lot of people like this color at first, is derived from its color name called 888, the name sounds particularly smooth auspicious, is a person especially like the hair color.


It is a little more energetic than the 999 color, the upper mouth has a feeling of full of vitality, if you choose to apply thin will be a little on the orange tone, but thick coating, the red tone is also a lot of.


The texture is semi-matte and semi-moist, not so bright on the mouth, but do not be afraid of the full matte lipstick will have a dry situation.


So, if your lips are not in good condition, it may be more suitable for you, because it really is not dry at all, the mouth is particularly smooth, and this color is also quite white not picky skin, yellow and black skin of the girls are more friendly.






The color beans is quite hot in this recent period, it is a color that can not be wrong. Dior‘s 772 is a rose-ish bean paste color, although it’s not as hot as the above colors, but it’s a pretty good-looking color.


A lot of people painted it after do not want to paint other colors, this color number is a velvet matte texture, but matte but not dry, the cream is particularly smooth, the mouth is also particularly textured.


The thin coating is a little bit on the creamy tea color, thick coating is a little bit on the dry rose color, is particularly popular recently a color, and this color is also quite not picky skin oh, the general people are better looking on the coating.


And if you usually do not like to put on heavy makeup, this color is also very suitable, because it is even vegetarian face painted on also quite white color, and beans sand color will look like people are more gentle good contact, not so open.


The above four are the first four lipstick numbers of Dior’s word of mouth that we talked about here today, and the reason why they were ranked in the first few, one is because their colors are really good looking, and the second is because they are more moisturizing than the other, there will be no plucking dry skin.


After all, no matter how good the color of the lipstick is, it is always dry or dry skin condition will also affect the texture.


These colors of Dior are not very picky compared to the skin, no matter what kind of skin tone you have, the mouth is relatively white, so the cost of these lipsticks is also very high.


These colors are better in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, so you won’t have a single lipstick that looks good and is cost effective, right?

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