These 5 MAC lipsticks are too coy, right?

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It must be said that lipstick has a great impact on makeup and overall temperament, so girls are naturally in love with lipstick. And this year’s big fire of several color numbers are very impactful, some times the color of the heavier color in the daily is not so good to drive, but also more suitable for a very temperamental girls.


And the recent fire tea makeup do not know whether you sisters have seen, are very pure desire atmosphere, and the focus of the tea makeup also lies in the lipstick. And coy and charming, very attract the opposite sex like. So today’s special we are talking about the exclusive color number of the coy essence, especially these lipsticks of mac, straight men look to come to the phone.


1、mac 931




Low saturation milk tea color, with a slight sense of nude tone, on the mouth is a low-key and gentle feeling, how to apply everyday are super beautiful. And this one is really super suitable for face painting, will not feel the color is too light feel no spirit and not because the color is too deep and look too heavy, but yellow skin is best with makeup painted.


After applying it, I feel that the whole atmosphere of the people are through the warm feeling, not feel no color at all, feel the face with a gentle feeling. And the texture of the soft mist on the mouth light, coverage ok deep lips are not afraid, this one feels used as a blush is also quite good.


2、mac 921


The coy to the explosion of the peach nude brown earthy orange color and 931 is quite similar, but this one is more of an orange-brown tone, and the powder tone will be more obvious, more gentle than 931, but also more sweet some.


This color still looks quite light, thin coating is a warm tone of milk tea orange, skin, light makeup thin layer of super sweet, thick coating feeling very subtle, more a little bit more orange brown tone, if the deep lip color may be deeper. On the mouth will not be very aggressive, but also super coy super sweet kind, very temperament, feel that they are the kind of calm and cool temperament soft girl.


3、mac brick o la


Doushu color is really a real coy essence without a doubt, is a very meteoric dry rose doushu color, color rendering degree ok, deep lips or color. And the color is also suitable for the atmosphere of autumn and winter, giving people a sweet and cool feeling, sweet but not greasy is it.


This thin coating is really coy, feeling is gentle this soft, worthy of the mac family’s signature bean paste. Yellow skin can also easily manage, very temperament, and moist texture more able to impress people, is really straight men can not help but look at the kind of phone.


4、mac soft mist lip glaze 989


And pure and desire of the white peach milk tea, coated with the feeling that the whole person’s tea skills are going up several levels, is definitely very to the makeup plus has been the color number.


Thin coating is nude pink, very light European and American taste, will not give a strong aggressive, is a gentle coat of European and American style; thick coating is peach color, coated is a fresh little girl, very soft feeling, the point is also super white. The texture of the soft mist, color rendering is very good, coverage is also very good, deep lips on the mouth are completely OK, and the gourd head-shaped brush head, very good fit lips, easy to outline the lip shape.


5、mac set to size


The peach apricot tea color that makes people stunning, on the mouth is a gentle sweet little coy essence, the color is really good to see too much. This color with a slight gold flash with the pink peach apricot tea color, feel the whole atmosphere through the noble and foreign, too suitable for innocent wind tone. And the yellow skin on the mouth are super gentle kind, but to match the makeup, the face can not be, put a light makeup really have a poor accent. The texture of set to size is also very moist, the mouth does not pull dry, love love love.


Mac’s gentle color number is really sweet and coy, how to apply how to look good.

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