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With the change of times, fashion began to take over the world, and lipstick became one of the fashion items worth being chosen by thousands of people. In recent years, there are more and more beauty brands, but the high price makes some students hesitate. MAC, as a brand respected by most people, not only makes people shine, but also the price is very beautiful.




This version of Cockney lipstick is called strawberry red, a pink color with a girly heart. As a popular color number, the mouth with a very strong sense of stereo, very color. Taking slightly fine and flashing strawberry is red, even if it is to go out daily, also be very suitable, below the circumstance that won’t be abrupt, still can have the effect that brings bright skin color very well. Shine in the sun, can send out a kind of slight fine flash, lips appear particularly pink tender.






As one of the classic MAC hits, Bull Blood really can be blown! With this color on the mouth, you can instantly explode the audience, become the focus, super A, can be used as A party, disco venue choice. But in daily words, suit thin besmear more, can promote your whole blood color, let you look up spirit many. And as a MAC lipstick, it will not be plucked dry, moist, lip deep girl, can be assured to start oh, black girl also do not need to worry too much, this cow blood color is relatively white, relative to some orange and pink department color number, this start will not go wrong.




This is also the original MAC, blues red, painted super super white, a very young rose, not looking old. Thin paint is light rose red tone, makeup can also be harnessed, thick paint is popular hyuna color, super charm. But on the mouth, there is a little bit of plucked dry, a little pick lip state. Therefore, before applying this lipstick, it is best to use the lipstick on the base.


4.The chili pepper


I think many people know this lipstick red, it’s really super hot. I know MAC because it was the first color I bought. This one I think is a little bit of maple leaf, a little bit of orange, a little bit of rust red-brown on a thin coat, and a very positive brick red on a thick coat. Suit the sister of all sorts of skin color, same it is also some dry, because this also should do the base work of lip ministry.


5.Russian red


This can be said to be a perfect match for retro makeup, Angelina Jolie with the same style, super invincible retro red, not special daily, mouth a little bright, very white face, but need a very strong aura to hold. Thin coating, is a bit partial color, thick coating is more according to the retro red, the ability to cover is very good, even if the lip color of the little girl can also be covered, strong aura has a very feminine.


In fact, for most Asian people, try not to choose a red color that is too saturated for your skin tone. If the brightness of the lipstick is more than your skin tone, it will create a color difference and make you look a little dark and dark. As Asian people with yellow skin, we can boldly use some red lipstick. These red lipstick sizes from MAC are very consistent with us. Lipstick, as a single product that can play the finishing touch, should be more careful when choosing. The right color number can enhance our overall sense of fashion and make us glow.

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