This Simple TikTok Hack Creates A Summer Smoky Eye In Moments

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When it comes to smart beauty hacks, TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving. Recently we discovered the homemade BB cream that’s so good it’ll make you ditch your foundation, and brow mapping for the most symmetrical DIY eyebrows ever. This week, it’s all about eye makeup — specifically the glamorous, summer smoky eye. It makes sense. With restrictions having been lifted across much of the UK and this summer set to be much more social than the last, makeup is trending in a big way. Lots of us are keen to make up for lost time and TikTok’s beauty enthusiasts have come up with a way that’ll help you achieve a flawless eye look in a matter of moments — and the speedy trick is taking the app by storm.
ummer Smoky Eye
What is TikTok’s summer smoky eye hack and why has it gone viral?
TikTok‘s smoky eye hack consists of using a flat brush to apply eyeshadow to your eyelid in stripes starting from the outer corner and working inwards. The second step joins all of the shades together with a fluffy brush and once blended out, creates a seamless smoky eye. There’s a handful of mesmerising tutorials on TikTok but the most viewed is by TikToker @lenkalul, who uses a number of nude shades in matte and shimmer finishes to give the smoky look more of a summery vibe.
The reason the hack has gone viral? Because it’s super fast. Aside from a flawless feline flick, a smoky eye is arguably one of the most difficult makeup looks to nail, especially as it combines various shades and brushes. But this makes it feel like much less of a chore.
How do you do TikTok’s summer smoky eye hack?
I picked up Urban Decay Naked Wild West Eyeshadow Palette, £45, for this look as it includes lots of summery matte nudes and a couple of shimmery shades to give the smoky eye a little dimension. Using the Clè de Peau Concealer Brush, £30, I swiped on shades Whiskey, Laredo, Nudie and Hold ‘Em from the outer corner to the inner corner of my eyelid. I then took the Spectrum Tall Shader Eye Brush, £5.99, and blended everything together, starting at the outer corner and working my way inwards in back and forth motions. If you want something dramatic, the trick is to layer on each shade twice.

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