Vintage brick red lipstick share: these 4 moisturizing and colorful, with tweed coats absolute

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If you ask me what color lipstick is versatile and more suitable for wearing coats in autumn and winter, I will not hesitate to tell you brick red. The brick red lipstick was very hot a few years ago, because with the texture of the matte, so it looks a kind of last century retro Hong Kong star pictorial version of the texture.


The brick red lipstick with full make-up will be stronger, if only light make-up or vegetarian, there may be some abruptness in the application. But it’s okay, today we have summarized for you 4 more representative brick red or brown red lipsticks, they are matte texture, apply it will be relatively clean and fresh.


Armani Red Tube #206


This one is an old internet sensation, and there are many people who feel that the red tube lip glaze model will be more suitable, and I also think so in the autumn and winter season. But the autumn and winter season lip glaze, I still like to use a more transparent color, after all, if the color is too heavy, in fact, do not match, stage makeup does not look very suitable for everyday.




Armani’s red tube is made very textured, gently apply a little on the lips, gently halo on very colorful, very suitable for autumn and winter application. The texture of Armani is not very heavy, a little bit will highlight the feeling of very colorful, so a lip glaze can actually be used for a long time. This brick red lipstick has a little bit more of a terra cotta red color, more atmospheric and natural.


Chanel #627


The way Chanel lipsticks are opened and closed, I like it better, this kind of press and push and pull is very creative, and it is also heavy in the hand, very textured. This 627 color is a relatively rich ruby red, although it is less brown tone, but it is because of the amount of red color to show color, and very feminine.


Remember the red currant color that was more popular a few years ago? This color also has a red-green jewel-like texture, but coated on the lips does not feel too old or matte matte texture mostly.


bibididi 04 indifferent


This is a lipstick that I like more recently, and I chose it because its outer packaging is a geometry of color blocks and geometric lines just like a Rubik’s cube, with several colors put together, very suitable for this dull winter. From the texture, the texture of this lipstick belongs to the matte matte texture, but it is very full on the mouth, there will not be the phenomenon of Kamen, and the cross-section of the lipstick has very fine and delicate nano-level lines, gently apply a little on the very colorful.


Although there are many color numbers, but I still like some retro 04 indifferent, which is the color of vermilion red tones, but more than some retro maple red brown feeling on the mouth after feeling very literary, very retro, as if from the pictorial among the heroine, saturation is relatively high, and the color is colorful and rich, with a tweed coat is really great.


Gucci 505 (matte)


This lipstick has a total of two textures, respectively matte texture and cream texture. From the packaging, they are both gold glitter, especially senior, if you have not been gucci, then take advantage of this warm winter into a bar.


The texture of the matte version will be a little thicker, very suitable for the autumn and winter season, because it is more colorful, so the color will play out more intense. The brown tones and red tones mixed together, and with a little bit of cold color feeling this color with together very advanced.


gucci 505 matte lipstick matte makeup effect with a little bit of moist feeling, so after the mouth you will feel a little bit of mouth fullness, very suitable for the thin lips of the girl. If the lips are thicker girls can create a matte bite lip makeup, looks very Korean heroine style.


OK, the above is today’s share, you like which brick red lipstick? Welcome to talk to me!

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