What are the common sense aspects of makeup? These five points should be seen by everyone

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In addition to mastering certain makeup skills, people who can really do makeup also need to master a lot of makeup common sense. The following small share some common sense makeup, come and see!


What is the common sense of make-up


1, color difference can not have


I believe that we have encountered many women in daily life makeup, face and neck can be seen on the obvious color difference, in fact, this looks really embarrassing. Although it is said that a white cover up a hundred ugly, but the face and neck have obvious color difference is a taboo in makeup. Apart from that, the base makeup at the hairline and the corners of the mouth should also be applied evenly, otherwise it will give a dirty look. Don’t forget to put a little foundation on your neck when you are doing your makeup, too.


What are the common sense aspects of makeup? This five points everyone should see


2, the color of the face should be coordinated


We actually wear the same makeup and clothes, in addition to pay attention to the texture, but also need to coordinate the color match, so that it looks comfortable. In makeup, eyes, cheeks or lips are the three aspects, just choose one as the focus. Meaning, if the eye makeup is heavily colored, then the blush and lip gloss should be lighter. If the eye makeup and blush is lighter, then the lip color can be darker, so it looks especially coordinated and divine.




3, eyebrows don’t a stroke


Some girls are too casual when it comes to drawing eyebrows, directly a stroke over a simple drawing even. In fact, this method of drawing eyebrows is not advisable, even if your eyebrow shape itself is good, but the effect of drawing out is not natural enough, especially if you look close. You should draw your eyebrows slowly one by one, and if your eyebrows are in good shape, trim them one by one to deepen them. If the eyebrows are sparse, you need to let the eyebrow pencil is 45 degrees, to halo the method of one stroke, after drawing, you can use the eyebrow powder halo transition, will be more natural.


What are the common sense aspects of makeup? These five points everyone should see


4, concealer use properly


If your skin base is very good, then the concealer can be completely ignored. But some of my friends’ skin either has dark circles under the eyes or spots or acne pimple marks, these blemishes will need to use concealer. However, if your blemishes are not very obvious, it is recommended not to use concealer that is too dark, natural is good. If the blemish is very obvious, when using concealer products, do not just use concealer products in the location of the blemish, but also around a little concealer transition to be more natural Oh. If you have a large area of blemishes on your face, you need to use a combination of concealer and foundation together.


5, makeup brushes should be kept clean


When you apply makeup, you find that the blush you used to apply twice has achieved a natural blush effect, but this time you use the same brush to dip the same color blush, but the effect is not natural and does not have the original blush. This means that your makeup brushes are not clean and the colors overlap naturally. So we must keep our makeup brushes clean so that the makeup effect will not be affected!


What are the common sense aspects of makeup? These five points should be seen by everyone

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