What brand is pregnant woman lipstick good? Recommended with not chicken rib pregnant lipstick, worth repurchase!

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Recommended with not chicken rib pregnant lipstick, worth repurchase! Buy back to the production of lipstick, it must be easy to use also not chicken ribs! Let’s start stocktaking!


pregnant woman lipstick


Tender lip gel


Products from Germany otto. Hahn Science Lab research, all products are in compliance with EWG international safety standards. The Nenfu’s lipstick gives me a moist but not oily feeling, which is better than other lipsticks. Ingredients I also and rest assured, very safe, even if eat into the mouth is not afraid.


Ingredient lanolin and vegetable oil compound, moisturizing power is really super, these two ingredients are also the cp of the moisturizing world. The lip that daub on the mouth of a day basically won’t have the phenomenon of skin. There’s also the design of the ice head, which is comfortably cool and can cool the mouth by two degrees. With a gel-like texture, it absorbs quickly and won’t be as oily as a nozzle.


Papaya extract


As a dry mouth PiXing person at home these two, moist degree is ok, the most satisfying can be when lipstick can also when the lip film, of course, the universal papaya extract and there are many other effects, there is not much wrote ~ small blue cans than papaya extract relatively less greasy, papaya extract a little oil, but does not affect the use!


Which day dead skin more words at night apply a layer of papaya cream or small blue jar, the next day up the mouth will recover very well, and particularly embellish ~ usually used as a lipstick or lipstick before the base, thin coated, is also very perfect ~


Orange lip film


It’s super easy to use! If, like me, you’re one of those people who doesn’t like lipstick and always forgets to put it on, try it out. Put it on your mouth every night before you go to bed. When you wake up the next day, your mouth will be tender and easy to rub off dead skin.


It in addition to the first aid ability is very strong, has a great ability to repair and maintenance, if you insist on using will find winter labial ministry is not easy to dry than before, lip color dark heavy also improved a lot, lipstick really more convenient, use it even in the all day no lipstick, even in the relatively dry lipstick, also won’t feel very uncomfortable, I really super love. This is the first time I’ve used a lip product that I really think works. I’m thrilled.


Beeswax lip balm


This is suitable for children’s shoes that hate oil embellish and like matte light. It is not oily, but I personally think it is generally moist. In addition, the old lipstick is mint, but it tastes too much like smoke.


Dior pink ripple seductive color-changing lip balm


This collection is famous for its discoloration based on the temperature of the lips. In fact, I have not observed how it changed, but 001 pink and 004 orange color with light, very beautiful, very good color, in addition to the moisture degree is also ok. Daily makeup or no makeup is very suitable for school and work are OK, has been used several intact.


Cons: Expensive, the most expensive of the recommended six.


Elizabeth Arden 8 hour classic Moisturizing Lip balm


Arden 8 Hours lip balm claims 8 hours of continuous moisturizing, but I don’t think any lip balm can do that unless you don’t eat or drink for 8 hours, which is usually all over again. But this one has SPF15, which is the highlight.


In addition, there are other colors, which look very dark, but in fact, they are lighter. I prefer the color in the middle. The one on the far right looks like a stepmother.


Disadvantages: there is a kind of taste like honey, some people may not like.


Shiseido Moilip medicinal lipstick


Cosme’s no.1 lip balm, which is effective for cheilitis, contains VE and B6. If you like lip problems caused by tearing lip skin, use this one. It can be used all year round, and it won’t be greasy.

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