What color of MAC lipstick looks good? Here are five of the most popular MAC lipstick colors

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Among all the big brands of lipstick, Mac is a very good price, the price is very suitable, even if you buy more will not be too distressed. As a lipstick fan, I have collected many Mac lipsticks. I often wear them, so I won’t step on thunder easily. Here’s Lady’s top 5 MAC lipstick colors: Chili’s classic, Diva’s special!


MAC chili


Skin tone: Any skin tone will do


Color and texture: Chilies are generally red in color and matte in texture, but very moist and not plucked dry


The first Mac lipstick I ever bought was Chili and Pepper.


It’s pressure-free, no matter with makeup or no makeup, it’s gorgeous, super white, and it works for any occasion. It’s my most used lipstick of all time. It is slant the red brown of tangerine attune, thin besmear of the word of natural makeup looks better, thick besmear more show white, more show temperament, very attract eye in the crowd.


MAC marrakesh


Applicable skin color: no skin color


Color and texture: very authentic reddish-brown, matte texture, but not plucked


In my opinion, this is a very authentic reddish-brown, which is used most in autumn and winter, especially to show the aura, temperament, white, must be strong amway! As huang PI myself, it’s really ok to use this one, it doesn’t appear black at all, it’s definitely huang PI’s mother, no matter how thin or thick.



MAC lady bug


Applicable skin tone: not picky about skin tone, very friendly to yellow, white and black skin


Color and texture: tomato red, relatively moist texture, does not pull out, does not wrinkle


Although it looks like a tomato red on the Internet, I feel more like a strawberry red after the upper lip. It’s really invigorating. Its texture is more moist than chili, color can be called full marks. This is my second favorite of all Mac lipsticks. The key is that it is versatile. It can be applied in spring, summer, fall and winter.


MAC ruby woo


Try skin tone: Use with any skin tone


Color and texture: bluesy red, very foggy, but relatively dry, it is recommended to apply a base before


If you want to highlight your aura, you must choose this color number. I think it is a positive blues red in my heart, thick paint super aura, and very white. But if thin besmear, I feel a bit slant rose tone, however rose red just right, semen is bright, yellow skin also can rest assured to use. All in all, this lipstick is also very good-looking, the only drawback may be a little dry.


MAC diva


Applicable skin color: no skin color


Color and texture: aunt red, matte texture, do not pull dry, smooth and good painting


This one is also very powerful, it is a must for a strong woman, I feel a little bit like a dark purple with a red background, I thought this kind of dark purple can not go with everything, but it is too hard on the face, very white, with the eye makeup is really super beautiful! And unlike the other orange or red lipstick, this one is purple, very special, different!


These are the recommended Mac lipsticks worth buying. They are all very good-looking, and there are a variety of colors, affordable and easy to use, must be arranged on! Are there any other Mac lipsticks that you would recommend? Can leave a message to share!

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