What cosmetics do you need for light makeup, teach you the basic light makeup makeup steps

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Learning to do makeup is not a requirement for you to go out with makeup every day, but a small skill that will allow you to cope with various occasions, so today let’s find out what cosmetics are needed for light makeup. Learning to draw light makeup should be a basic skill, and many girls will like to wear light makeup, not only will not be cumbersome, but also can be very good-looking, so do you know what cosmetics are needed to wear light makeup? Let’s learn about it today.


What cosmetics are needed for light makeup.


Cleanser, makeup prep or isolation, lipstick or lipstick, mascara, foundation or powder, eye shadow, eyelash glue, eyeliner, rouge, eyebrow pencil.


The above are the basic cosmetics needed for light makeup makeup, which girls are advised to have at home. Of course, the cosmetics commonly used on a daily basis are mainly: cleanser, isolation, eye shadow, powder, and lip gloss.


makeup steps


Basic light makeup makeup steps.


1, first use isolation cream, in a point method, point in the cheeks, forehead, nose tip, and chin, etc., gently pat with both hands to absorb, and then use foundation in the same position way again, you can use a brush to evenly apply the whole face.


2,After the isolation cream and foundation are applied, use a powder puff to dip into the powder and gently pat the whole face, dark circles under the eyes should also use the powder to cover oh, the junction of the face and neck should also be powdered oh, so that the skin tone is consistent.


3, the foundation should be pressed with the fingertips, so that the foundation is more flattering, dipped away from the excess floating powder.


4, with light coffee eyeshadow in the eye socket position to play evenly, and then dark coffee color to strengthen the end of the eye, and finally smudge with black.


5,After drawing the eyeliner, apply and stick on the false eyelashes, then brush on the mascara to tighten up.


6, in the apple muscle position to apply blush, and then apply lipstick, the whole makeup is finished!

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