What eyebrow pencil is good? Infinite repurchase of the 6 net red eyebrow pencil, the price of the people okay to use

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To say what is essential to go out every day? Not off is lipstick and sunscreen, I will firmly tell you that there are eyebrows!
Today to introduce you to a few super cheap and good eyebrow pencil!


1, Kaki color very fine eyebrow pencil


It’s a net-worthy national eyebrow pencil, recommended by many people! There are 6 colors in total, it is a double-ended, one is an eyebrow pencil, one is an eyebrow brush, super convenient!
Rotating pencil, 1mm super fine tip! But because it’s very fine, it’s easy to break, so you can’t turn it too much when you use it! The color rendering degree is average, the drawing out is a foggy light color, very natural!


2,  Gracebabi double-ended eyebrow pencil


Automatic rotating pencil, fine tip pencil is a little harder, smooth coloring degree is high, not easy to break. Five colors to choose from, natural and even coloring, not easy to clump! The brush is also relatively soft, so you can draw a clean, foggy eyebrow shape. New hands and veterans are suitable!


Kaki color


3, Jill Leen fine eyebrow pencil


Three colors to choose from, all very natural color. The oil is active formula, the degree of coloring is not high, drawing out is a foggy bionic effect! The pencil is slim, has a certain hardness, good for outlining and drawing the end of the eyebrow, super suitable for newcomers, has a certain waterproof sweat-proof ability.


4, namecreative eyebrow pencil


Five natural colors, triangular pencil, texture is somewhat hard, suitable for newcomers to lasting degree ok. not easy to clump halo off, mainly to buy is also very convenient ah!


5, only capital fine eyebrow pencil


A 1.5mm very slim pencil, a spiral brush head, can be smudged very natural. The color is very even, no clumping, and very long lasting! There is a certain waterproof and sweatproof ability, seven colors to choose from, not afraid to choose the right one!


6, Shiseido hexagonal eyebrow pencil


Shiseido this eyebrow pencil should no one do not know it! Cheap, but also really good, very small a super convenient to carry make-up. Four colors to choose from, high color rendering, a little clumping, but the color is quite natural to draw!

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