What is the function of isolation cream and the correct use of isolation cream!

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How can facial cream be used correctly to perfectly separate the skin from makeup, so as to realize the role of beauty and skin care? Many girls think that the cream can be applied directly to the face and everything will be fine. But I don’t know that the cream is exquisite in use. Correct use of isolation cream.


Usage of isolation cream


1,Cream use: nose


Around the nose is the part of the face that loves oil. If too much isolation cream is applied to this part, the oil around the nose will increase and become greasy, which is also the reason why the skin around the nose is prone to acne and acne. The cream on the nose should be dipped with a sponge and then gently wiped around the nose.


Usage of isolation cream


2,Cream use: chin area


How to correctly apply isolation cream on the chin to make the skin better and not hurt? Similarly, dip an appropriate amount of isolation cream with a sponge, and then wipe and apply it in a circle on the chin. The application must be uniform, so that the whole makeup will look more natural. Similarly, a simple over isolation care should be performed on the neck.


3,Cream use: eye skin


The skin around the eyes is fragile. When applying the cream, you must pay attention to the strength and be as gentle as possible. Generally, the isolation cream will be applied to the skin around the eyes by pressing, and it also needs to be slowly stretched and applied from the head of the eye to the corner of the eye. If it is found that there are small wrinkles in the skin around the eyes, massage appropriately, and pay attention to the strength of the massage.


4,Use of isolation cream: at the hairline


Whether it’s applying cream or skin care, the position of hairline is also very important. The hairline can be applied more appropriately, so that the color will not appear too obvious color difference with the face and look more natural. In addition to around the hairline, the corners of the mouth and around the ears also need to use isolation cream. It should also be applied evenly, and pay attention to the overall color without color difference.


5,Cream use: cheeks


The use of cheek cream must pay more attention to nursing than the face, because the cheeks have a high bulge relative to the face, which is very vulnerable to the radiation of the sun. Therefore, this part should focus on isolation.


In the whole face, the use of isolation cream is particular. There are some differences in the way of using isolation cream in different parts. It is best to master the correct use method of isolation cream before applying isolation cream, so as to make the makeup more natural, mainly to maximize the skin protection effect of isolation cream. When selecting isolation cream, we must choose brand isolation products with guaranteed quality.

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