What is the highest use of a perfume?

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YSL Black Opium 50ml is a legendary fragrance that can make men want to die and become addicted to the smell of poison! Sweet as love, bitter as life black as death if you are used to a cup of vanilla coffee in the cold winter afternoon, then this Ysl Black Opium may be your cup of tea now fashionable berries + patchouli + vanilla gourmand floral combination!


The difference is the infusion of coffee, this one is super recommended! It’s not an exaggeration to say that you’ll be addicted to smelling it!



Saint Laurent Reversal Paris, summer is suitable for spraying light fragrance Oh ~ a very magical perfume! Great smell! Mandarins scent, call people can not quit this soulful breath. That’s why it’s nicknamed “the fruit of lost souls”! Transformed into a girl with a black satin bow, standing in the streets of Paris.

YSL a treasure of men’s fragrance, pioneer men. It is known as the ideal boyfriend fragrance, very marine fragrance tone. Although it is called men’s fragrance, but the girl sprayed on the taste will also be very sunny and uncommon temperament. Spray on as cool and gentle relaxed teenager, the body is clean and has a quiet refreshing aroma, which should be the ideal boyfriend’s scent in the hearts of many young girls.


The taste of bergamot bergamot lemon haloed in the air, without the spicy pungency of ginger, but also not the thick sweetness of fruit, showing a warm sunny side, there is a sense of the ocean. Top notes: bergamot, ginger, middle notes: sage, juniper, lavender, geranium, base notes: fir, musk, cedar

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