Where does it come from that autologous fat filler is “scary”?

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Simply put, autologous lipofilling is the process of moving your body fat from one place to another, like giving it a home. When we think of a face that has had lipofilling, we think: full apple muscles, collagen-filled face, looking young and cute. However, you may hear something different.


1,It may be filled 2~3 times to have the ideal effect.


People who know about the technology of “autologous fat filling face” know that it is not possible for 100% of the fat to survive after filling, but there is a certain survival rate, generally around 30% to 50%, so you usually need to fill it 2~3 times to get the ideal effect.


Of course, there are cases that some doctors have good skills plus the candidates have better physique and they are satisfied with one time of fat filler. There are also many people on the Internet who say they have done lipofilling two or three times and the result is like they have never done it. If it is not that the individual’s physique is not suitable for lipofilling, then the doctor’s skill level is not enough.


2,The biggest complication: embolism


Facial filler autologous fat, the most serious complication is fat embolism (relatively rare), sharp injection needle, used for deep plane injection, may puncture, puncture the blood vessels of the filling site, resulting in fat particles into the blood vessels, thus blocking important blood vessels. This may cause sudden blindness, shock or hemiplegia, or even death.


autologous lipofilling


3,Fat cells are very fragile.


Fat cells are very fragile, and the doctor’s operation process is not gentle and fine enough to break the cells, which in turn affects the survival rate of fat. It is easy to get infected, the surgical environment should be sterile, and the post-operative care should be in accordance with medical advice. In addition, filling more or less fat, applying cold compresses or hot compresses after surgery, or even strenuous exercise during the recovery period will affect the survival rate of fat.


4,The technical requirements of the doctor are high.


Before doing autologous fat filling, the fat has to be pumped out first. If the doctor forms a large trauma during the process of performing suction, it is possible that the skin may form petechiae because of excessive tissue cavities leading to blood leakage. Hematomas can be formed if there is a large injury during liposuction that leads to bleeding, if the injection injures tiny blood vessels or if there is a disorder in one’s own blood clotting mechanism.


Fat filler can only be filled in the proper fat layer. If the fat is filled in other locations, unevenly filled or in layers, it will have a greater impact on the survival rate and the appearance of the fat.

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