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The thing about whitening have talked a lot, about the product also recommended a lot, there we mention whitening will think of the ace whitening ingredients niacinamide, as well as the last recommended whitening ingredients specializing in the treatment of natural yellow dark skin 377 fierce medicine.


However, whitening is never a trivial matter, there are many products and many ingredients, and the efficacy of each whitening ingredient is different, and the mechanism and principle of their whitening, which is also known as the whitening pathway is also different.


The whitening is a skin care process that needs to be adhered to for a long time, and now that summer is here, who does not want to be white in the heat of the summer into a light?


So today, I came with a new whitening ingredient, Shiseido’s patented whitening ingredient 4MSK, also known as 4-methoxysalicylic acid potassium salt.


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We mentioned before that the whitening pathway of 377 is to inhibit the growth of melanin from the root, so the whitening pathway of 4MSK is a little different.


Although it also has the effect of inhibiting the formation of melanin from the root to prevent discoloration due to sunlight, it also restores the amount of factors in the damaged area, so that melanin can work at all levels in the process of expulsion, so that melanin no longer gets lost and finds the right way to leave the skin.


There are three major directions of whitening, antioxidant, inhibition of melanin and accelerated metabolism, that is to say, the whitening pathway of this ingredient of 4MSK is a two-in-one effect, acting as an inhibitor for the melanin that is not produced, and for the melanin that already exists, its effect is not to make it disappear by eliminating it, but to channel it and let it out of the body.


Then 4MSK has a golden partner in whitening, which is transaminic acid, and this ingredient is often mixed with transaminic acid as the main whitening system.


4MSK can brighten and even out skin tone while detoxifying melanin and reducing excessive pigmentation. Whereas, the whitening mechanism of transaminic acid is special, mainly utilizing the coagulation mechanism, which can inhibit the activation of melanocytes.


From its nature, it has a very good compatibility and complementary effect with transaminic acid, and the combination of the two can make up for the singularity and partial deficiency of transaminic acid in whitening function.


If it is said that the focus of the aminoglycolic acid is on whitening effect, then the main point of 4MSK is to enhance the self-healing ability of the skin, so that the metabolic process of the skin becomes smooth and smooth, so that the old keratin and melanin can be discharged smoothly, and the whitening effect will be better when the two are combined.


So there are some whitening products that add this ingredient (because it’s patented so it’s basically Shiseido’s brand), so I’ll help you list them out ~


This product uses the golden pair of 4MSK and tranexamic acid combination, these two ingredients can form the anti-melanin body, not only can inhibit the blockage of melanin, but also can regulate the skin, so that it is restored to a healthy and strong state.


The whitening active ingredients reach deep into the muscle base and open up the whitening cycle in all aspects. In other words, it both inhibits and detoxifies, and has a very significant effect and effect on both unformed melanin and formed melanin.


As a comprehensive beauty brand developed by Shiseido specifically for Chinese women, Yule’s products are more suitable for Chinese women’s skin.


The serum still uses 4MSK and Tranexamic Acid as the main whitening system. A small amount of niacinamide has also been added to it to add anti-inflammatory and repairing effects to the whitening base, and to complete the overall whitening pathway.


In 4MSK mainly promotes melanin discharge and inhibits melanin production, and the inhibition of tyrosinase by tranexamic acid, and the addition of niacinamide whitening ingredients and pathways, making the whitening pathway more complete and the efficacy a little more comprehensive.


Still, you have to pick the right whitening product according to your own situation and specific needs.


They all have their own application range and suitability, to become white or do your homework, pick the right product, plus insist on using it to be able to oh~.


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