YSL and Dior look down on each other, but the bottom of the chain is the famous creator

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A woman’s lipstick is like a man’s sneakers. Lipstick is the standard for women, which can enhance the color and temperament, perhaps this is the “lipstick effect” that people often say.


CL, CPB, Dior, YSL, Chanel, etc. There are so many lipstick brands on the market, which one is more cost-effective, which one is more worth buying, and how to choose?


A picture of the “lipstick despicable chain” circulating on the internet has attracted much attention, and most of them are familiar brands.Perhaps, we can determine what lipstick we are using based on the information provided on the picture?


YSL Lipstick


Top Throne: CL, CPB

Located at the top throne are CL and CPB, completely defying all lipstick brands.


CL’s status in the lipstick world is equivalent to “Hermes” in the bag world and “Rolls Royce” in the car world, and it is definitely the top class.


CL lipsticks are also known as “radish dice” because their overall structure resembles the shape of a radish. The shell design is inspired by the bust of Cleopatra, with a strong visual sense of outstanding appearance and an overall sense of nobility, which can also be worn as a necklace.


CPB brand is “noblewoman positioning”, compared to other lipstick brands, its advantage is that the shell and core are separate, lipstick used up as long as the core can be changed into a new lipstick, very environmentally friendly and practical.


Secondly, the smoothness of CPB lipstick is a smooth finish, the color is even and the moisturizing degree is comparable to lip balm, bringing up the color and taking care of the lip skin. Its price is above 400 yuan, overall the sex price is high, very popular with celebrities and teenage girls.


Second ladder: TOM FORD

TomFord (“TF” for short), also counted as a brother brand in the lipstick industry.


Pros: color lasting, moist but not oily, unique fragrance smells good, the color effect can perfectly cover the color of the lips, and lipstick number rich rarely step on the mine.


Disadvantages: too soft, slightly with a little force to apply it is easy to break the core, which is undoubtedly a big bug for women who regard lipstick as their lives.



In the middle position are: Saint Laurent, Dior, Chanel, Armani, Givenchy, the popularity of these brands are quite high, but there is a great contempt between each other, there is a great controversy.


There are a lot of people complaining about YSL colors in general, Dior is too dry, Givenchy and not long-lasting enough.


Although there is a lot of bigotry and opinions, but it does not affect in any way the popularity of these brands in the lipstick world, each with their own characteristics.


YSL lipstick number recommendation.

(1) student party or office workers: YSL Saint Laurent round tube 16


(2) the hottest chopper color: Saint Laurent round tube 12


(3) moisturizing: Saint Laurent round tube 04


(4) black and yellow skin: YSL Saint Laurent fine tube pure lipstick small gold strip 21 color


And Dior’s most classic 999 series, should also be the first choice of many girls choose Dior it ~


More embarrassing: Lancome, Estee Lauder

Lancome and Estee Lauder are in a relatively awkward position, but the competitiveness between the two in the beauty world is still quite big.


First of all, Lancome is more excellent in design and face, slightly win Estee Lauder, for face control is a good choice, Lancome’s turnip pure series is also highly recommended.


The bottom of the line : MINISO

Located at the bottom of the pile is the name of the Japanese brand, the main cost-effective, in fact, in the design of the product is not outstanding, especially the lipstick,after applying a poor quality fragrance smell, pluck dry not lasting.

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