YSL, Suqqu, Estee Lauder Platinum, which of these blown up foundations you choose?

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For dry-skinned beauty, choosing a foundation is not easy, if you do not choose well, there will be the phenomenon of skin stuck powder skin, so the makeup is not only not delicate, but also for the whole person’s temperament greatly discounted, so it is especially important to choose a suitable foundation for yourself. So what are the three foundations that have been blown up? Get to the point!


The first is often mentioned YSL reverse age foundation, we also called the goddess foundation, the characteristics of this foundation is particularly moisturizing, the outer packaging design is very high, press the bottle mouth is also very convenient, a pump can be applied to the whole face, in fact, quite save, b10 is the highest rate of color, as long as the skin is not particularly dark people can manage, the powder is very fine, good liquidity, very easy to push away, large dry skin does not appear to be the phenomenon of peeling.




Suqqu powder cream, the Japanese foundation will be slightly white, but this powder cream may be an exception, 101 color number with no false white, and skin tone blend very well, unless you are very natural skin tone can choose 102, most of them are still 101 bar, powder super fine, basically no liquidity, after all, they are powder cream, the biggest advantage is not dull, which is a lot of foundation can not do.


Estee Lauder Platinum Foundation, in addition to the expensive point there is no problem seems to be, the fine quality of the powder need not say, hold makeup all day basic no problem, the most important thing is that it is a skin care foundation, will not worry about using a long time on the skin burden, even if it is oily and sweaty, the makeup is also absolutely beautiful, so not bad money can be brave to try!


The three foundations by comparison, YSL foundation is more suitable for desert dry skin, high moisture retention, but the general durability will also appear dark phenomenon, oil skin will step on the mines. suqqu powder cream is more suitable for combination skin or oil skin dry skin must do a good job of moisturizing, the disadvantage is not convenient to use, you need to dig out with a spoon to use. Estee Lauder Platinum Foundation is also a noblewoman foundation, the disadvantage is that the price is small expensive.

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