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The baby’s small face is always hard to kiss. But baby’s delicate skin is prone to skin problems such as eczema, chapped, chilblain, rotten mouth, red ass and so on. At this time, parents must be very anxious and want to give their baby all-round care from head to foot; However, many young parents are inexperienced in parenting, and various statements are complicated. There are many infant skin care products alone, and there is no way to start. What should we do?


Don’t worry. According to the characteristics of different parts, tell you some baby skin care tips to keep your baby’s skin tender and smooth.


Small face care:


Clean skin: in autumn and winter, the baby’s sebum secretion decreases. Washing too much will make the skin drier. Therefore, we should master the frequency of washing our face. Generally, washing 2 ~ 3 times a day is enough, and the water temperature should not be too high.


When washing your face, you can use a soft cotton small square towel. Do not use soap, nor do you need to use special sterilization or disinfectant. You should use special skin cleaning products for infants and young children with mild ingredients.


Choose the right moisturizer: after washing the baby’s face, immediately suck up the excess water on the baby’s face with a soft and dry towel, then pat a drop of skin care and moisturizing product the size of soya bean, and gently rub it evenly, so as to effectively lock the moisture of the skin.


Because the baby’s facial skin is much thinner than that of adults, it is very important to choose a baby specific moisturizer! When choosing a lotion, Bao Ma should try to choose regular brand, simple ingredients, fragrance free and not sensitive products. It is recommended to smell the smell and look at the product ingredients when selecting. Moisturizing lotion without particularly strong and stimulating fragrance is the most appropriate. When the baby adapts to a certain moisturizer, don’t change it often, so as not to cause allergy.


Reasonable diet: in the dry season, the first thing to do is, of course, to give your baby more warm water.


At the same time, we should also supplement more foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2, such as animal liver (no more than 25 grams per week for children under the age of three), milk, eggs, soybeans, carrots, green leafy vegetables, etc., timely supplement vitamin C, and properly eat coarse grains, such as corn and sweet potato, so that the baby’s skin will be moist and healthy.


Care of small lips:


Pay attention to cleanliness: when your baby eats something, clean your lips and put on lip balm in time.


Use child Lip Balm: before the baby goes to bed, apply hot towels to the lips until the lips completely absorb the moisture, and then apply the baby’s special lipstick. It is suggested that Bao Ma carry a lip balm with the best moisturizing lip balm containing vitamin E and sheep oil, and smear it when feeling the baby’s lips dry.


Don’t lick your lips: help your baby develop good lip protection habits. Don’t lick your lips casually, let alone let your baby tear the skin off your lips.


Baby skin care


Care of small hands and feet:


Keeping warm is the foundation: when it is cold, add clothes to the baby in time. The time to go out should not be too long. It is best to wear hats and gloves when going out. Check whether the baby’s underwear, shoes and socks are wet every day; If it is wet, dry it immediately and change clothes. After washing your hands, you can dry your hands and apply some hand cream.


Proper exercise: many parents are unwilling to take their baby out when the weather gets cold, which is wrong. Proper outdoor exercise is helpful to increase the baby’s resistance.


If you are afraid of your baby catching cold, you can take him out when the weather is sunny. At the same time, you can exercise with your baby, which is conducive to strengthening the blood circulation of small hands and feet and increasing the ability to resist the cold; Proper sun exposure also helps the synthesis of vitamins A and D and helps the baby supplement calcium.


Massage hands and feet: if you go out for a long time, your mother can also help your baby rub your hands and feet for about 5 minutes to strengthen blood circulation.


Treatment of chilblain: once chilblain occurs, the baby will feel very itchy. And the more you scratch, the more difficult it is to heal the wound, or even break and infect it. Therefore, the baby must be treated in time after suffering from chilblain. When the wound has not festered, you can apply some vitamin E or Chilblain Cream. If the baby’s wound has blisters or ulcers, get medical attention in time.


In addition, vitamin E also needs to be supplemented in the diet, such as sesame oil, nuts, egg yolk, etc.


Small ass care:


Change diapers frequently: due to the cold weather, Bao’s mother changes her diapers less often, which is easy to cause her baby’s red ass. Therefore, we should learn to judge whether diapers need to be replaced, and start training the baby to defecate and cultivate good defecation habits when he is almost two years old.


Moderately clean the small ass: unless it is a stool, in fact, it is not necessary to clean the small ass every time you change your diaper, which will destroy the natural protective film and acid-base balance on the skin and make the skin fragile. Warm water can be used to clean the ass every time. Pay attention to the front and back to prevent the female baby’s urinary tract infection. After cleaning, be sure to dry the skin with a soft cotton towel, especially the skin wrinkles.


Use of hip cream: after cleaning the baby’s ass, or when the ass is slightly red, you can use hip cream or moisturizing oil; But when the baby’s skin is damaged or infected, go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.


You should pay attention to bathing:


Adjust the room temperature: before bathing the baby, open the Yuba to preheat for a period of time. It is more appropriate to control the temperature at 26 ~ 28 ℃, and the water temperature is 38 ~ 40 ℃. The temperature can be measured through the wrist.


Pay attention to the bathing sequence: the bathing sequence is: face – hair – behind ears – neck – upper limbs – armpits – trunk – hips – lower limbs – asshole. When washing your hair, wrap your baby’s body with a large bath towel, wipe your face first, then wash your hair, and finally wash your body. You can choose the baby’s special shower gel, especially to clean the skin wrinkles.


Control the bathing time: the bathing time should not be too long and should be controlled within 10 minutes. Immediately after washing, gently pat the baby’s body with a bath towel, especially the wrinkled parts of the skin. If these parts are too wet, it may induce infantile eczema. Then apply moisturizer and wear clothes.


After taking a bath, you can also give your baby a cup of warm hot water to make him feel warm from head to foot and from inside to outside.


Baoma noticed that there are several situations that are not suitable for bathing the baby: when the baby’s skin is damaged, such as pustules, furuncle, scald, trauma, less than half an hour after feeding, frequent vomiting and diarrhea, and after vaccination.

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