Baby skin care tips: should use baby oil or moisturizer for baby? Look at the difference between these two

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When a baby is born, many aspects will make the mother particularly worried. Because the baby is so small, and many areas are completely underdeveloped. Such a baby will bring a lot of pressure to mothers, in all aspects of the baby’s food, clothing and use will be particularly tangled, do not know which is the best, the most suitable for their own baby. Shopping is a really hard thing to do. Especially when it comes to some special seasons, especially the extreme hot summer and extreme cold weather, it can be especially difficult for caregivers. Especially in the winter, the weather is very cold, always have to worry about their baby will not be cold, in the bath to be very quick and clean, and when changing diapers is like a war, it is very difficult to make people, sometimes even a little inadequate. And the baby’s skin in winter is particularly tender and fragile, so cold weather baby’s face is easy to crack, that certain skin care measures must be. There are two prominent skin care products on the market, namely baby oil and skin cream, these two in front of it, it is really do not know what kind of good to choose.


If you want to make a choice between these two products, you must first understand their respective performance, as well as various advantages and disadvantages. Because for the baby, to choose the product must fully understand the ingredients here, to know whether there are some special bad ingredients for the baby, there will be some unqualified indicators. There is also the condition of their baby to choose suitable for their baby’s skin products, to prevent the baby allergy. Then skin lotion is a mild skin care product. You seen should know the baby oil out word is feeling is a kind of liquid, oil and besmear is in your hand is feeling, wipe on the face also is the feeling of mild, but also can clearly feel its moisturizing effect, for the baby is very moist, and a little greasy feel, but this is also a layer of protection for the baby, The baby itself good skin will not be oil. There are also some mineral and vegetable oils in it.


Baby skin care


The emulsion that embellish skin latex uses with adult has bigger similarity place namely, the appearance grows actually about the same, it is white commonly the paste body of thick form, it seems to be ordinary emulsion. The main function of skin milk is similar to the function of ordinary emulsion, of course, the effect of water is very good. Of course, baby lotion is definitely more exquisite than adult lotion, because there are some ingredients can’t have, so it will be more gentle. And it feels better than baby oil. Skin lotion does not feel oily like baby oil, and may be uncomfortable. Moisturizer is completely after rubbing the skin is tender and smooth, feel the effect is particularly good.


Baby oil and moisturizer say is not what is particularly different, in essence is the two products of the lock water function will have a certain degree of difference. Because baby oil is, after all, more attention to lock water, so the effect of baby oil may be better, but some people just don’t like the touch of baby oil. It is true that many people will feel uncomfortable with the use of oil like baby oil, so they may choose to moisturize instead. Of course, first of all, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these two products before we choose them, and then make some choice judgments, so as to choose the right product for ourselves.


It seems more realistic and better to buy baby oil. However, it is not to say that the better the hydrating effect is the best, which is also to choose according to the different climate conditions of each place and the different skin quality of each baby. In fact, for some relatively dry areas, it is indeed possible to choose baby oil, because the weather is such a situation, is also used in the right place. But the baby oil had better be used in the body of the daub above, if to the face, that is really too greasy, this is not good. Therefore, in some dry climates, the season to take immediate measures, to prepare baby oil, baby can be used after the bath.


Of course, some moist areas, there is no need to use baby oil, skin lotion for them is enough. Of course, since the baby’s face is not suitable for too oil then choose moisturizer enough, do not worry about it seems to be not good enough for the baby’s skin protection. Actually moisturizing milk also is to have cent grade, some are moist effect is better nature can choose. Xiaobian point of view: these two kinds of skin moisturizers are actually fundamentally similar in function, but in different degrees. Or according to the individual situation to choose the most suitable for their own is the best.

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