Boy styling spray which brand is good lasting styling to create fashionable male charm

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Is the so-called hairstyle determines the appearance level, a fashionable and handsome hairstyle minutes let you become a man god. To keep your hair uncluttered throughout the day, styling spray gives your hair a long life and helps you look like a hipster man. Recommend a few cost performance is high and the finalize the design spray that loves by the man, catch spray, hairstyle gives colour more voluptuous person.


Schwarzkopf Got2B Special Gentleman Styling Hairspray 200ml


This is a spray from Swarkow. Push it. Good styling effect, enough time for one day, not sticky, easy to wash off when taking a bath at night, classic good to use.




LOREAL Men’s Strong shaping three hole spray 200ml


L ‘Oreal this spray is really good for shaping, smells good, fruity, not irritating. Use it slightly away from your hair, every second or two. I usually use the wax and then spray this, quick drying type is not stick, not oil, very refreshing, oil head essential.


Jerwell Men’s Exciting strong Plastic Styling Spray 250ml


The fragrance is lighter and natural, there is no particularly pungent taste, simple spray two can finalize the design lasting, very natural, not a bit stiff, not greasy, want to whole what hairstyle can be, to scalp hair did not hurt!


Syoss Permanent styling strong styling hairspray 300ml


The quality of the bottle is very good, the workmanship is very good, the atomization effect is very good, and it is not easy to block the nozzle. In terms of effect, it’s worth the price. The setting time is probably in the early half day, and it is relatively durable, with less white powder. The smell is very good, very natural and not pungent.


Sassoon styling spray hair wax hair gel strong force molding 300ml


This styling product is also very good, can meet my different hair needs, not greasy, lasting, easy to clean, no residue. The fragrance is fresh and very nice to smell. The nozzle is well designed to not spray too much. The capacity is large and can be used for a long time. The price is cost-effective and the cost performance is super high. It is better to use it with Sassoon head care products.


TIGI Space styling spray hair spray 350ml imported from the United States


The United States professional beauty hair tide brand, modelling big show backstage royal. Spout does not have white foam, have no flavor basically, very fine spray feels, won’t caking on the hair, the hair won’t be particularly hard, can’t afford dandruff, don’t give oil, hold all sorts of modelling easily.

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