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Today, and small partners to talk about the holiday travel, boy hair exactly should cut which kind! Go out, the image is very important, every boy hope he is handsome all the time! Therefore, it is recommended that the boys go out to travel with their friends in the holiday, and do not cut too long hair. Because when you go out to play, it is not as convenient as at home, you will meet a lot of problems when you do your hair.


Guys have to travel long distances, travel in cars, stay in hotels, and if your hair is too long, you’re likely to have the same three problems when it comes to managing your hair.


1,No hair gel. The boy does hair style, little not hair glue this artifact! But go out the car, inevitably have to go through security, your hair gel will be the first time cut off. I have had such an experience. I opened my suitcase and took out my hair spray in full view of everyone. It was so embarrassing!


2,Your hair is too long to match. Now many places are still very hot, go out, if the hair is too long, not only will feel particularly sultry, and short-sleeved clothes will be incompatible, so that they can not always keep their handsome!


3,The shape is complex and takes time. Trust me, the longer your hair gets, the harder it gets to manage! When you get up, wet your hair, then blow dry it, then style it, and if the first style fails, you have to do it all over again! At this time, your friend will be impatient to wait, and will not give you a “kill the serial Call”!


Here are five stylish short hair styles that are very suitable for going out and meeting your need for short hair on holiday and keeping you handsome at all times!


Vacation goes out 5 simple and fashionable short hair to recommend, get up!


hair style


Style 1: Buzz cut


The buzz cut is a favorite style among boys. First of all, the hair will be cut short and very clean. There is a saying: the buzz cut is the only standard to test the level of appearance, although not absolute, but it can be said that the buzz cut is really handsome. Not only is it popular among ordinary boys, but also many male stars like it. MAO Ruoyi’s brother likes his buzz cut most. As you can see, he is impeccably handsome.


The bright spot of this hairstyle is to need little to do skill almost, get up every day can go out, save the time that does hairstyle and worry, nature is not afraid of the serial call of friends! Of course, you should also keep your hair clean when cutting this style of hair, because the buzz cut is short and it is easy to see the scalp. If you do not pay attention to the cleanliness and leave dandruff, it will be a bit of a spoil the scenery!


Style 2: The chipped hair


Boys go out, short hair is very important, you can also choose a little bangs of broken cover. Instead of heavy bangs and a lid-like look, this look is shorter and lighter. At the same time, the sides are also shaved clean to make the person look competent. With a pair of sunglasses, it will be more cool!


This is especially good for boys with high or M-shaped hairlines. Some boys, hairline is hard, so they dare not cut the hair that shows the forehead, this hairstyle is just right. Do a method very simple also, need not modelling almost, suit the holiday to go out to cut very much likewise!


Style 3: Short hair on both sides


Boy holiday out, cool and handsome, simple style of hair is the most popular. A lot of boys go to the barber shop, habitually say to the barber both sides shovel light! In fact, it became very popular 17 years later and is still a very handsome hairstyle today. Especially on both sides of the shovel light, in the middle of the long, is a lot of small brother’s essential hair style, clean and agile, the two sides of the gradual layer very administrative levels, there is an elongated height effect!


This hairstyle seems to need a certain styling, yes! As we said before, hair tape is not necessary when we are out, but wax or hair oil can be brought! Because the length of this hairstyle is relatively short, the styling only needs wax to shape the good, do not need to finalize the styling of the final hair gel, so, it is not too difficult to take care of, so it is also a very suitable hairstyle for boys to travel.


Style 4: dog chew short hair


Boy vacation goes out to play, along with sex simple hairstyle appears more full of vitality! The dog bite is a less structured cut, and the bangs can be relaxed and don’t require gel or wax. At the same time, both sides should also shovel a little clean, in order to make themselves look more clean. It should be noted that the hair on the top of the head should not be kept too long, otherwise the wind will blow the hair, and it will be embarrassing to turn into a flower wheel.


This style is stylish and casual, suitable for traveling, and especially suitable for boys with whirlwinds on their foreheads. In the process of choosing hairstyle, some boys suffer from the irregular hairline, and some boys suffer from the whirlpool on their forehead, which leads to many boys don’t know how to cut their hair. Therefore, you can choose this short hair, hair with its own messy sense, to help you cover the worry of a whirlwind on the forehead.


Style 5: Back hair


Some boys want to doubt again, go out to play in the holiday, back hair is not very difficult to manage? In fact, it is not difficult, the boys go to the barber shop to do a back styling, the barber will first use a softener to soften the hair, and then perm out the styling. Usually when we do, wet water first, blow dry again, the whole modelling was completed seventy or eighty percent, finally wipe with a comb hair oil, comb out the final modelling is ok.


Back hair is a style that boys rarely cut, because everyone thinks it is too mature. In fact, after the age of 25, boys can try to cut! Both sides should be shaved equally, ensure the feeling of clean and agile boys, fall back the hair next, still can be in one side parting the boundary line of partial part, whole hairstyle no matter be fashionable feeling or light and mature feeling is extremely strong, it is very handsome a kind of attempt!


Well,how to choose about boy hairstyle, and the place that need to pay attention and handsome hairstyle recommend, introduce here, hope can help to you!

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